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Author Celebration Writing to Learn  11/20/2014


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Do’s and Don’ts for a Classroom Read Aloud
Read Aloud Handout
Author Study Results Fall 06
10 Top Picks for Edutainment Based on Children's Literature

Best Books (Word documents)

Cross Cultural Diversity
Cross Cultural Friendship
Pets & Responsibility
Other Themes
Peer Pressure

EDN 340 Book Reviews and Lesson Plans

Table of Contents

Student Powerpoints/Resources

Aly Robertson

Britney Bruce

Mary Claire Hardy

Matt Jewell

Morgan Fairfax

Patricia Mills

Anna Strole

Lauren Hedin


Christina Morrison

Jenny Powerpoint

Jenny Worksheet

Sarah Lesson Plan

Sarah Worksheet

Author Studies from Spring 2014

Jacqueline Woodson

Patricia Polacco Author Study

Eric Carle Author Study

EDN 344 Pat Hutchins

Cynthia Rylant Author Study

Lois Ehlert Author Study


Lesson Plans from EDN 344 Summer 2011

Margaret Wise Brown lesson plan

Lois Ehlert Lesson Plan

Dr. Seuss lesson plan

344 Author Study- Lesson Plan


EDN 344's Best Book List

2011 Best Books

2012 Favorite Books

Butterfly and Dragonfly Books


LIC 540

2013 Summer Favorite Books

LIC 540 Literature Rewrites

LIC 540 Poetry Illustrations

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