Differential Equations and Simulink



Solving Differential Equations Using Simulink 2019
by Dr. R. L. Herman

This book on using Simulink models for differential equations is in progress. It is an extension of a project introduced in Summer 2015.

The current version ODE_Simulink.pdf 
(Last update July 1, 2019)
Conference Talk on Simulink and ODEs  March, 2016

Table of Contents

Ch Topic Pgs Last Revision Comments
  Title/Contents   7/01/2019  


Introduction to Simulink 1-26 7/01/2019  
2 First Order ODEs 27-42 7/01/2019  
3 Second Order ODEs 43-68 7/01/2019  
4 Transfer Functions and State Space 69-72 7/01/2019  
5 Systems of ODEs 73-82 7/01/2019  
  Index 83-84 7/01/2019  
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