CSC 544 - Network Programming
Course Syllabus - Fall 2022

Tuesday, 5:00pm to 7:50pm – Congdon Hall 1012


Dr. Ron Vetter

The instructor is available by email at, by cell phone (910-538-3523), and by appointment.


Internetworking with TCP/IP: Principles, Protocols and Architecture, Douglas Comer, Volume 1, 6th Edition, 2014, ISBN: 978-01-3608530-0

Web Site: Comer Books on Networking

Course Description:

CSC 544. Prerequisite: CSC 344 or MIS 323 or equivalent. Implementation of network and distributed programming concepts using C, C++, Python, or JAVA on Unix or Windows platforms. Networking programming interfaces, security, management, design, and applications. Hands on experience with network components. Student’s plan, configure, install, diagnose, performance tune, operate and manage state-of-the-art computer networks, internetworking devices, and protocols.

Homework, Labs, and Exams:



Grades will be based on the quality of homework’s, labs, exams, and the project. Final grades will be based on the +/- grading system.


You are expected to attend all lectures. Absence does not relieve you from meeting all course requirements. You are responsible for all reading, assignments, and exams. Keep up with the day-to-day reading requirements of the class.


All students are expected to attend and participate in person at an assigned day/time – determined by instructor within assigned class schedule.  Some course content will be delivered online asynchronously. (see schedule below).


Health and Safety Considerations:

Following CDC Guidelines, UNC System directives, and out of mutual respect as outlined in the UNCW Seahawk Respect Compact, all faculty, staff, and students will wear face coverings while inside buildings. Students who are unprepared or unwilling to wear protective face coverings will not be permitted to participate in face-to-face sessions and will need to leave the building. Noncompliant students will be referred to the Dean of Students for an Honor Code Violation. Any student who has a medical concern with wearing a face covering should contact the Disability Resource Center at (910) 962-7555.


Students who experience COVID-19 symptoms should immediately contact the Abrons Student Health Center at (910) 962-3280.


Students with Disabilities:

Students with diagnosed disabilities should contact the Disability Resource Center.


If you require accommodation for test-taking, please make sure you have registered with the Disability Resource Center no fewer than three days before the test.

Code of Academic Responsibility and Conduct:

Students are responsible for submitting their own work. Students who cooperate on oral or written examinations or work without authorization share the responsibility for violation of academic principles, and the students are subject to disciplinary action even when one of the students is not enrolled in the course where the violation occurred.


The weekly schedule for this course is as follows:




Week 1 (8/30)

Introduction to Course


Chapters 1-3 and the article As We May Think by Vannevar Bush


Paper: Mosaic and the World Wide Web


Video: History of Supercomputing Research with Larry Smarr


Video: Alan Turing at Bletchley Park


Week 2 (9/6)



TCP/IP Reference Model, Internet Addressing,

ARP Protocol




Chapters 4-6 (ARP slides)


Video: Len Kleinrock on the Theory of Packets


Video: Len Kleinrock - The First Two Packets on the Internet


Video: The Second-Order Effects of Steve Jobs


Week 3 (9/13)



Assignment #1 Due


IP Addressing/Subnetting




Complete the Wireshark INTRO and Wireshark Ethernet/ARP labs. Write up a report answering the questions and email it to the instructor by 9/20.


Video: IP Addressing and Subnetting

IP Chalk: IP Addressing Worksheets

Online Practice: Subnetting IPv4


Week 4 (9/20)


IPv4, IPv6, Forwarding IP Datagrams, ICMP


Chapter 7-9 (Slides)

Complete the Wireshark ICMP labs. Write up a report answering the questions and email it to the instructor by 9/27.


Week 5 (9/27)


Assignment #2 Due

Catch up week

Week 6 (10/4)


Exam 1


Chapters 1-9









Week 7 (10/11)














Read Chapter 10 – User Datagram Protocol (UDP Slides)


Setup your web space and MySQL database on (see homework #3).


Learn some Basic HTML and complete the Basic Linux Primer Lab.  You can also use simple PHP code to help you with homework #3.


Video: The Rise of JavaScript with Brendan Eich


Video: Inventing PHP – with Rasmus Lerdorf

Article: Inventing PHP with Rasmus Lerdorf


Week 8 (10/18)







Read Chapter 11 – Transmission Control Protocol (TCP Slides – part 1)


Complete the Wireshark TCP lab. Write up a report answering the questions asked and email it to the instructor by 10/25.


Animations for Go-Back-N and Selective Repeat


Video: The Slow-Start Algorithm with Van Jacobson

Week 9 (10/25)



TCP, continued




Read Chapter 11 – Transmission Control Protocol (TCP Slides – part 2)


Read and be prepared to discuss the articles:


Improving TCP Performance over Mobile Networks


Thank This World War II-Era Film Star for Your Wi-Fi


Week 10 (11/1)



Routing Architecture and Protocols



Chapters 12-15 – Slides from Textbook


Video: IP Multicast Routing (Basics & Addressing)


Video: IP Multicast Routers


Week 11 (11/8)


Assignment #3 Due


Network Virtualization, Client-Server Model, and the Socket API




Java socket programming slides here.


Python socket programming slides here.


Multithreaded Chat Server – Example1 and Example2.


Chapters 19, 20, and 21 – Slides from Textbook


Week 12 (11/15)







Chapters 22, 23, 24, and 25 – Slides from Textbook


Watch: Bruce Schneier: The Security Mindset and Bruce Schneier: Building Cryptographic Systems


Week 13 (11/22)


Exam 2


Chapters 10-15 and Chapters 19-25

Week 14 (11/29)


Student Presentations

(15 minutes each)


Zoom Link


Assignment #4 Due



Aaron Csetter/Steven McCarthy: Intrusion Detection Systems

Jeramy Dichiera: Space Networks

Ian Pena/Elijah Tripp: Interplanetary File System

Manasa Sangana/Priyanka Poosapati: Firewalls


Morgan Glisson/Savannah Evonko: The Role of AI/ML in Networks

Mark Karels/David Hollock: Mesh Networks

Thomas Smith/Leslie Aguilarpiedra: IP Security

Brenda Segda: History of NAT


Michaela Pierce: Honeypots

Leah Schneidereit: IoMT (IoT Medical) Security

Alex Johnson: Transition from IPv4 to IPv6

Ethan Lee: Applications of Zero Knowledge Proofs in Network/Cyber Security


Week 15 (12/6)


Student Presentations

(15 minutes each)


Zoom Link


Assignment #5 Due



Tristan Freeman/Liam Coyle: Zigbee

Colin Choquette - Wi-Fi Security

Michael Maloney: Network APIs

Andrew Lawson: IPv5


Bala Sri Santosh Bikkina /Krishna Vamsi Bommireddy: 5G Wireless Networks

Ashish Goli /Madhav Reddy Muli: PGP

Maurisio Zaldivar: Social Engineering

Temo Meza-Pantoja /Llacki Bautista-Perez: Bluetooth Security


Andrew Davison /Terrence Hernandez: 5G Wireless

Blake Blackport/Bryce Atkins: Wi-Fi Security

Bipin KC/Bulut Tok: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Kenneth Gatobu/Mimi Moss: Wi-Fi Standards


Savitha Rachuri: Mobile IP

Audrey Warrene/Kyle Moran: DDoS attacks?


Finals Week (12/9 - 12/15)

Final Research Paper Due

Tuesday, December 13, 2022 – 5:00pm


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