CSC 544: Guidelines for Research Presentation/Paper        


You can investigate a topic of your choice (for possible topics, see below), however, if you choose a topic yourself you must get the instructor's permission on the topic. You may use book, articles, and/or online resources. Your paper must include some background research and appropriate references (bibliography).


Use your own words. Quote where appropriate. Discuss how your topic relates to material covered in the text and/or in class discussions.


The presentation should be 15 minutes long (about 12-15 slides) and the paper should be approximately 1000 words.


Outline for the paper (roughly)

1.     Cover page with title, your name, and course name

2.     Introduction/overview of topic

3.     Discuss any specific technology issue you want to focus on

4.     Future directions and trends

5.     Summary

6.     List of references


Possible Topics:

§  Wi-Fi Security

§  Bluetooth

§  ZigBee

§  Mobile IP

§  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

§  Firewalls

§  IP Security (IP Sec)

§  Mesh Networks

§  5G wireless networks

§  Edge computing

§  Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks

§  Pretty Good Privacy

§  Transition from IPv4 to IPv6