Jammie Price
Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice
The University of North Carolina at Wilmington

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social change, SOC 366 



Spring 2003 Course Schedule

Section One: Issues in Historical and Global Social Change

Major Global Social Changes

Population Dynamics

Causes of Social Change

Major  U.S. Social Changes

Income and Wealth in the U.S.

Wealth Redistribution

Transitory Social Changes

Macro Theories of Social Change 

Exam 1 Essay Questions


Section Two:  Doing Social Change

Exam 1 Feedback

Stimulants and Barriers to Social Change

Bowling for Columbine

Discuss War with Iraq

Frontline Video Clips

Unintended Consequences of Social Change

Coping with Social Change

Costs of Social Change

Social Change Organizations

Values-Based Grassroots Leadership Development

Social Change Strategies

Final Exam Questions