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2015 Field Experience travel

Wednesday, March 18th to Saturday/Sunday, April 25th/26th

2014-15 Field Experience Pre-departure meetings


Spring, 2015 Meetings

1. Friday, Jan. 16th 4-6 PM
2. Friday, Feb. 6th 4-6 PM
3. Friday, Mar. 6th 4-6 PM

Departure Meeting

Monday, March 16th 9-3

Red Carpet Event

Thursday, May 7th 5-8

Fall, 2014 Meetings

1. Friday, Oct. 17th 3-5 PM
2. Friday, Nov. 14th 3-5 PM
3. Friday, Dec. 5th 3-5 PM

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2013 Field Experience

Past Field Experiences

Our International Program to Belize has been featured in multiple editions of The San Pedro Sun

Meet the Student Participants

See some sample Blogs!

Our International Program to Belize has been featured in the February edition of Snow's Cut Monthly

Article in PDF Here

Field Experience to Belize

"I saw that the next group of students studying abroad in Belize is coming up! That is soooo exciting and I am so lucky to have been able to be a part of such a wonderful opportunity. Everything from the local cultural experiences, to meeting and spending time with principals from NC were absolutely priceless experiences! Dr. C and Dr. K, you make the experience amazing and I honestly couldn't imagine having a better experience abroad!"

             Field Experience to Belize Spring, 2015


The purpose of this course is to provide teacher candidates with:

1) active participation in a five week field experience in Belize, Central America using an indigenous curriculum.

2) the opportunity to teach lessons during an international field experience, thereby giving students an opportunity to collaborate with Belizean teachers and provide instruction to Belizean children, merging US teaching methodologies with Belizean strategies.

3) and negotiating understanding of each participant’s conceptual framework with an international educational framework.

Field Experience to Belize Spring 2015 Meetings

1. Friday, Jan. 16th 4-6 PM, EB 223
           Agenda                    Meeting Notes

2. Thursday, Feb. 5th 4-6 PM, Warwick Ballroom 5, UNCW
            Agenda                    Meeting Notes

3. Friday, Mar. 6th 4-6 PM, McCalister's Deli (Meeting Cancelled)
            Agenda                    Meeting Notes

Departure Meeting - Monday, March 14th 9-3 PM
Agenda                    Meeting Notes 

Field Experience to Belize Fall 2014 Meetings

1. Friday, Oct. 17th, 3-5 PM, EB 223
            Agenda                    Meeting Notes

2. Friday, Nov. 14th 3-5 PM, EB 223
            Agenda                    Meeting Notes

3. Friday, Dec. 5th 3-5 PM, EB 162
            Agenda                    Meeting Notes

 - Office of International Programs (OIP) Applications and Deposits ($500) are due prior to meeting #2 by 3:00 PM on Friday, November 14th.

 - Students must have required forms and documents for Belizean Teacher Certification completed and submitted to Dr. Catapano by Monday, December 1st.

International Programs
OIP Application

- See the application checklist on the OIP website


This International Field Experience (EDN 455) will provide 5 weeks of daily experiences in selected primary or secondary schools in San Pedro, Belize.

Students will observe Belizean teachers in schools, provide instructional support, keep electronic journals of their experience, record and analyze similarities and differences of the Belizean educational system studied with their traditional internship experience, and develop curricula and support materials based upon this international experience.

Students will also engage in a service project in Belize that is student focused and serves the needs of the school-based community. 

This international field experience will focus on the following: current field experience experiences in global education; the development, implementation, and assessment of curricular materials; and the evaluation and integration of relevant pedagogy and technology in the international classroom.

Documentary Film Festival

Using FLIP cameras, video cameras, smart phones, or tablets, UNCW WCE teacher candidates planned, captured, edited and prepared 10-minute video documentaries that addressed an educational or societal issue seen in Belize. Students worked together in groups of 2 or 3 to summarize their work and tell a story.

A Red Carpet Event was held on Thursday, May 7th at 5 p.m. in Room 162 in the Watson College of Education to celebrate the work done by our teacher candidates. Documentaries were viewed by family, friends and significant others and traditional Belizean food was served.

See last year's video documentaries here:

Student Interviews

The following dates have been selected to conduct interviews:

Invited applicants will receive email invitations from MeetingWizard to schedule an interview and confirm a time. A confirmation email will be sent to you.

*Final selection will be made by Monday, October 6th

Application Process

*IFE Belize Applications for participation are due in my mailbox on Friday, September 12th by midnight.  All applications are to be completed and submitted electronically to:

Study Abroad Program Application (WSE)
.doc / .pdf

*The committee will select students for interviews by Wednesday, September 17th.

Interest Meetings

There are THREE ‘Field Experience to Belize, Spring 2014’ informational meetings planned for week 1 in August and TWO more scheduled for week 2 (Sept. 3rd -6th). The meetings will last no longer than one hour. Each applicant must attend one of the five meetings, if interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity!

PowerPoint Presentation

Week One

See Recruitment Flyer here

Week Two

See Recruitment Flyer here

Wonderful to see our UNCW WCE field experience to Belize program featured as part of a story connecting our teaching candidates with children in Wilmington (Codington Elementary School) and in Belize! The 'Connect All Schools' website highlights "organizations linking US schools with others around the world." The drive is to emphasize "coming together in a new Connect All Schools consortium designed to meet a very specific goal: to connect every school in the US with the world by 2016." See the story here!

Congrats to all of our past and present student participants!

Map of Belize