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Dennis with guide on Machu Picchu in Peru

With our guide on Machu Picchu, Peru

Grant Work


Date Submitted: October, 2007
Source: National Science Foundation (implemented Academic Year, 2008-2009)
Title: North Carolina Integrated Geoscience Modules:  From the Beach to the Blue Ridge
Abstract: The University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) will conduct a two-year program with the Brunswick, New Hanover, and Pender County School systems to improve Earth and environmental science education in the middle and high schools.  A select group of science teachers (one teacher from every middle and high school in the three counties) will participate in the two-year project. 
Collaboration: Bill Kawczynski, Jack Hall, Roger Shew and Shane Baptista
Amount: $149,999

Date Submitted: October, 2007 - Funded
Source: National Education Association (implemented Academic Year, 2008)
Title: ESL in the Mainstream: Inclusion with a Purpose
Abstract: Funds sought in this grant application will be used to provide professional development for math and science teachers.  This professional development will focus on preparing these teachers to work with English language learners to increase their knowledge of appropriate cross-cultural communication, ESL methodology and assessment techniques to increase cognitive academic language proficiency and academic achievement.
Collaboration: Eleni Pappamihiel
Amount: $4,924.38

Date Submitted: September, 2007 - Funded
Source: Watson School of Education E-Learning Grant (implemented Academic Year, 2008)
Title: Interdisciplinary Field-Experience - Historic Wilmington's Public Cemeteries
Abstract: The Secondary Education Program in the Watson School of Education (English, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics) will use the 2007-2008 school year to extend the interdisciplinary field-work begun with the Battleship North Carolina in 2004 to examine Wilmington’s history through its public cemeteries. Particular focus will be given to the socio-cultural diversity among two of Wilmington’s public cemeteries, Oakdale and Pine Forest, and the lasting impact these boundaries have on Wilmington today.
Collaboration: Denise Ousley
Amount: $2,250.00


Date Submitted: February, 2006 - Funded
Source: Watson School of Education E-learning grant (implemented Fall, 2006)
Title: Mentoring Interns in Using Streaming Video Technology
Collaboration: none
Amount: $1,925.00

Date Submitted: April, 2006 - Funded
Source: ITSD Innovations grant (implemented 2006-7)
Title: Integration of Digital USB Microscopes in Science and Technology Education for Lab Instruction and Outreach
Collaboration: Jeremy Dickerson
Amount: $3,400.00