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Refereed Journal Articles

Kubasko, D.S. and Reid-Griffin, A. (submitted Summer, 2007). Professional Development for the Integration of Technologies in a Secondary Science Education Program. Journal of Science Education and Technology.

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Chapters in Books

Jones, M. G., Bokinsky, A., Tretter, T., Negishi, A., Kubasko, D.S., Superfine, R., and Taylor, R. (2002). "Atomic force microscopy with touch: Educational applications." Science, technology and education of microscopy: An overview, vol. II, (pp. 776-686) A. Mendez-Vilas, (Ed.). Madrid, Spain: Formatex.

Books and Monographs

O’Sullivan, R. G., Faircloth, B. S., Germuth, A. K., Heinemeier, S. E., Kubasko, D. S., Lin, C. J., Nimkoff, T., O’Sullivan J. M., & Page, B. E. (2001). Case Study of learning organization North Carolina’s Wake County Cooperative Extension Center: Pinions, Pain, and Personal Life. Raleigh, NC: Wake County Cooperative Extension.


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Tretter, T., Jones, M. G., Andre, T., Kubasko, D. S., & Minougue, J. (April, 2004). How Small is Small?  Students' Conceptions of Scale. Proceedings of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching International Conference.  Vancouver, BC. 

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