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In his fifty years as a professional writer, Garland averaged about a book a year.  In addition, he published nearly 500 periodical pieces.  A complete list of Garland's published work appeared in 1998 as Hamlin Garland: A Bibliography, With a Checklist of Unpublished Letters, available from Whitston Publishing and finer bookstores everywhere. 

Since compiling that bibliography, I have become something of a Garland collector.  I soon learned that no reliable, complete list of Garland's books existed (not excepting my own bibliography, unfortunately!).  The most complete descriptive bibliography is an unpublished master's thesis by Lloyd Arvidson, "A Bibliography of the Published Writings of Hamlin Garland," University of Southern California, 1952.  I also found that used book dealers didn't always list accurate publication information in their catalogues, either.  (Some reprints of Garland's books, while appearing with a new cover, do not update the copyright page.)  Also complicating matters are inaccuracies in bibliographical listings of Garland's two collected editions, the Sunset Edition (1912) and the Border Edition (1922). 

Accordingly, the pages that follow attempt to present a complete bibliography of Garland's books, ordered by date of first publication, together with scans of the covers and title and frontispiece pages.  Only those reprintings which alter the original through revision, change of publisher or pagination, variant cover, or the deletion of illustrations are included.  The bibliography ends in 1940, the year of his death, so modern reprints are not included,

As you'll see, Garland had the good fortune to have his books printed by publishers with an eye for design, particularly his early publishers.  Some books are simply beautiful objects in their own right (see, for instance, the Stone and Kimball books as well as the covers of some of his popular romances).

My collections of scans is not complete--nor will it be, since I can't afford to buy all of Garland's many editions.  For those who have copies of books not listed or scanned here, please see the HELP ME page.

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  1. Under the Wheel (1890)
  2. Main-Travelled Roads (1891)
  3. Jason Edwards (1892)
  4. A Member of the Third House (1892)
  5. A Little Norsk (1892)
  6. A Spoil of Office (1892)
  7. Prairie Folks (1893)
  8. Prairie Songs (1893)
  9. Crumbling Idols (1894)
  10. Rose of Dutcher's Coolly (1895)
  11. Wayside Courtships (1897)
  12. The Spirit of Sweetwater (1898)
  13. Ulysses S. Grant: His Life and Character (1898)
  14. Boy Life on the Prairie (1899)
  15. The Trail of the Gold Seekers (1899)
  16. The Eagle's Heart (1900)
  17. Her Mountain Lover (1901)
  18. The Captain of the Gray-Horse Troop (1902)
  19. Hesper (1903)
  20. The Light of the Star (1904)
  21. The Tyranny of the Dark (1905)
  22. Witch's Gold (1906)
  23. The Long Trail (1907)
  24. Money Magic (1907)
  25. The Shadow World (1908)
  26. The Moccasin Ranch (1909)
  27. Cavanagh, Forest Ranger (1910)
  28. Other Main-Travelled Roads (1910)
  29. Victor Ollnee's Discipline (1911)
  30. The Forester's Daughter (1914)
  31. They of the High Trails (1916)
  32. A Son of the Middle Border (1917)
  33. A Daughter of the Middle Border (1921)
  34. A Pioneer Mother (1922)
  35. The Book of the American Indian (1923)
  36. Trail-Makers of the Middle Border (1926)
  37. The Westward March of American Settlement (1927)
  38. Prairie Song and Western Story (1928)
  39. Back-Trailers from the Middle Border (1928)
  40. Roadside Meetings (1930)
  41. Companions on the Trail (1931)
  42. My Friendly Contemporaries (1932)
  43. Afternoon Neighbors (1934)
  44. Iowa, O Iowa (1935)
  45. Joys of the Trail (1935)
  46. Forty Years of Psychic Research (1936)
  47. The Mystery of the Buried Crosses (1939)

Currently in print:

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  1. Main-Travelled Roads 
  2. Rose of Dutcher's Coolly 
  3. The Captain of the Gray-Horse Troop
  4. A Daughter of the Middle Border (Dover)
  5. A Son of the Middle Border 
  6. A Daughter of the Middle Border (Borealis)
  7. The Book of the American Indian 


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