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Most people remember Hamlin Garland today chiefly for his innovative collection of short stories, Main-Travelled Roads (1891), and his memoir A Son of the Middle Border (1917). But during the eighty years of his life (1860-1940) Hamlin Garland was intimately involved with the major literary, social, and artistic movements in American culture. Pulitzer prize-winning author of over 40 books, campaigner for more humane treatment of native Americans, proponent of impressionism in art, unabashed advocate of literary and cultural elitism, dabbler in research on psychic phenomena: the range of Garland's interests extended to nearly all aspects of American society.

The pages linked to this site exist both to inform my students about the figure who has so captivated my interest for the past several years, and to provide a starting point for others who are interested in learning about Hamlin Garland.  In these pages you will find assorted essays and other ephemera that reflect my interest in Hamlin Garland.  For a more exhaustive collection of resources devoted to Garland, please travel to the site of the Hamlin Garland Society.


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