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Help me complete the bibliography

It's expensive to buy old and rare books, and I've exhausted the kitty.  If you own a book listed on these pages, please help me complete the bibliography by sending me a scan of the cover and title page.  If possible, a full-size scan of each would be ideal.  Please send by email attachment to  

Also, if you know of an edition not listed on these pages, I'd love to know about it.

Thanks to the following people for sending me scans:

Bill Nelson, for The Mystery of the Buried Crosses and the title page to The Tyranny of the Dark

Dick Burgess, for A Son of the Middle Border, John Lane edition

Paul Brumbaugh, for Prairie Folks, F. J. Schulte edition

William "Gene" Aisenbrey, for 

  • The Forester's Daughter

  • Witch's Gold

  • A Little Norsk

  • Her Mountain Lover

  • Ulysses S. Grant: His Life and Character

  • The Long Trail

  • Prairie Songs

  • A Member of the Third House (1897 rev.)

John Ahouse, American Literature Curator, Doheny Library, University of Southern California (home of the Hamlin Garland Papers), for 

  • Under the Wheel

  • Main-Travelled Roads (first edition)

  • Main-Travelled Roads (1892 paper edition)

  • A Member of the Third House (1892 edition)

  • A Spoil of Office (1892 edition)

  • Prairie Folks (1893 paper edition)

  • Ulysses S. Grant (1920 edition)

  • Boy Life on the Prairie (1908 revised edition)

  • Light of the Star (paper edition)

  • The Long Trail (1935 edition)

  • A Son of the Middle Border (1930 edition)

  • A Pioneer Mother

  • Westward March of American Settlement

  • Iowa, O Iowa

  • Joys of the Trail

  • Roadside Meetings (John Lane edition)

  • Dustjackets for A Son of the Middle Border (Grosset & Dunlap ed.), Daughter of the Middle Border, Companions on the Trail, and Forty Years of Psychic Research

Gary Culbert, who graciously shared his bibliographic knowledge and scans from his vast Garland collection, for  

  • Main-Travelled Roads, six editions or variant covers

  • Jason Edwards, first edition; and variant cover

  • A Spoil of Office, first edition

  • Prairie Songs, large paper issue; and variant cover of regular issue

  • Crumbling Idols

  • Rose of Dutcher's Coolly, 1896 London edition

  • Wayside Courtships, London edition

  • The Eagle's Heart, London edition

  • Boy Life on the Prairie, 1934 Harper edition

  • The Captain of the Gray-Horse Troop, London edition

  • Hesper, Sunset edition

  • The Tyranny of the Dark, 1906 London edition

  • Witch's Gold, variant tan cover

  • Money Magic, remainder binding

  • The Shadow World, alternate cover

  • Other Main-Travelled Roads

  • They of the High Trails, 1917 edition

  • A Son of the Middle Border, autographed edition

  • A Daughter of the Middle Border, 1921 London edition

  • The Westward March of American Settlement

  • Prairie Song and Western Story, variant edition

  • A Pioneer Mother

  • Joys of the Trail


  • Tyranny of the Dark

  • Other Main-Travelled Roads

  • A Son of the Middle Border

  • Trail-Makers of the Middle Border

  • Back-Trailers of the Middle Border


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