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The Border Edition

The second uniform edition of Garland's works was published in 1922 by Harper and Brothers.  Like the Sunset Edition, the Border Edition printed the volumes from the plates of the regular edition and added a new title page and uniform cover.  Individual volumes sold for $1.50, or $15 for the set.  For this edition, Garland wrote a new Foreword for each volume (most dated March 1, 1922, though some are dated earlier).
  1. Main Travelled Roads
  2. Other Main Travelled Roads
  3. Boy Life on the Prairie
  4. Rose of Dutcher's Coolly
  5. The Eagle's Heart
  6. The Captain of the Gray-Horse Troop
  7. Hesper
  8. Mart Haney's Mate (Money Magic)
  9. Cavanagh, Forest Ranger
  10. They of the High Trails
  11. The Long Trail
  12. The Forester's Daughter
The Border Edition Cover

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