On this page are the ACE Double format Potpourri titles and cover images. They are listed according to the ACE Letter-Number series classification. Since many of these are difficult to classify (for example - ACE has a subgenre called Gothic - which ranges from the occult to mystery to romance), I have tried to separate out the distinct Mystery and Western titles and placed them in the appropriate pages (see the complete listing of ACE Mystery and Western singles by clicking on the hot links). However, you may still find some that might be in either location (for example, look at the E. R. Burroughs "Mucker" and other series), so please bear with me on this issue. In particular are the subgenre of the Gothic novel (mostly in single format) which involve "mystery" or "suspense" as a part of the story. These I have continued to leave in the appropriate ACE Letter-Number series in POTPOURRI section.

References for the genres, authors, artist, and what-not are found (always in a state of continued development) on the ACE REFERENCES page. Pseudonyms (which abound in this group) as well as cover artists will be given as found.

Lastly, no database is complete, especially with a publisher as prolific as ACE Books. There are variants as well as odd volumes that I have never seen. If you have something that is missing, or better cover images, or corrections please contact me.

Thanks and have fun!

ACE Double D Letter-Number Series

D-025 P. G. WODEHOUSE Quick Service (1953; listed as "complete and unabridged") and D-025b P. G. WODEHOUSE The Code of the Woosters (c.1938; 1953; listed as "complete and unabridged")

Cover art on both novels by Norman Saunders.

D-026 HAROLD ACTON & LEE YI-HSIEH (translators) Love in a Junk and Other Exotic Tales (original title: Four Cautionary Tales; 1953; listed as "complete and unabridged") and D-026b CHARLES PETTIT The Impotent General (1953; listed as "complete and unabridged")

Cover art on both novels by Norman Saunders.

D-035 RAE LOOMIS The Marina Street Girls (cover by Victor Olson; 1953; listed as "complete and unabridged") and D-035b JACK HOUSTON Open All Night (1953; listed as an "ACE Original")

D-040 WILLIAM IRISH (aka CORNELL WOOLRICH) Waltz Into Darkness (c.1947; 1954; listed as "abridged edition") and D-040b MALDEN GRANGE BISHOP Scylla (1954; listed as an "ACE Original")

Malden Grange Bishops' Scylla was produced as a film titled La Sirene Du Mississippi.

D-049 CHARLES GRAYSON Golden Temptress (original title: The Broken Gate; nd; abridged edition) and D-049b DAN CUSHMAN Tongking! (1954; listed as an "ACE Original")

D-050 WILENE SHAW(aka VIRGINIA M. HARRISON) The Mating Call (1954; listed as an "ACE Original") and D-050b OZRO GRANT The Bad 'Un (1954; listed as an "ACE Original")

D-057 A. S. FLEISCHMAN Counterspy Express (cover by Victor Olson; c.1951; 1954; listed as an "ACE Original") and CHARLES L. LEONARD (aka M. V. HEBERDEN) Treachery in Trieste (cover by Victor Olson; 1954; listed as "revised edition")

Original cover art for Counterspy Express. Oil on board, 30" x 20.5," signed lower right. The original title for this may have been "On A Through Train To Terror!"

D-065 JUANITA OSBORNE Tornado (cover by Sam Cherry; 1954; listed as an "ACE Original") and D-065b EDWARD KIMBROUGH Night Fire (cover by Bernard Barton; 1954; listed as "abridged edition")

Samuel Joseph Cherry (1903-1975), prolific and reknown pulp- and paperback- artist.  A good (short) biography with some of his works can be found at URL:

D-170 LAWRENCE GOLDMAN Black Fire (1956; listed as "complete novel") and D-170b DAY KEENE Flight By Night (cover by Bernard Barton;1956; listed as "complete novel")

D-182a EMILE ZOLA Shame (c.1954; 1956; listed as "a new translation") and D-182b EMILE ZOLA Therese Raquin (1956; listed as "newly translated")

Shame was originally published as ACE Single S-076 (1954).

D-201 HARRY WHITTINGTON Across That River (1956; listed as "complete novel") and NATHANIEL E. JONES Saturday Mountain (cover by Lou Marchetti; 1956; listed as "complete and unabridged")

ACE Double F Letter-Number Series

F-101 JOAN SARGENT Cruise Nurse (cover by Robert Maguire; c.1954; 1961; listed as "complete and unabridged") and F-101b MARGARET HOWE Calling Dr. Merriman (1961; listed as "complete and unabridged")

Original cover art for Cruise Nurse. Artist is Robert Maguire. Gouache on board (image size 16" x 22"), unsigned. The book number and book name is noted on the verso.

F-112 JEANNE JUDSON Barbara Ames - Private Secretary (cover by Rudy Nappi; 1961) and NELL MARR DEAN (aka NELL MARR DEAN RATZLAFF) Fashions for Carol (1961)

Original cover art for Private Secretary. Artist is Rudy Nappi. Gouache on board (image size 22" x 15"). The book number and artist's name is noted on the verso.

F-122 DOROTHY WORLEY Dr. Kilbourne Comes Home (1961; listed as "abridged") and PATTI STONE Calling Nurse Linda (cover by Robert Maguire; 1961; listed as first book publication)

ACE Double Five (5) Digit Letter-Number Series

ACE Books released a number of single cover format volumes as the ACE CAMEO line in the 1970's. These stories are mainly in the Gothic - Romance ( Suspense) genre. Some of these are reprints and others may be 1st ACE printings (or PBO). The 26 ACE Cameo single title Gothic Romances can be seen by this link that will take you there.

I wish to thank Sheila (an AIL user) for the images and copyright information.

41838 DEBORAH SCOTT Deathbed of Roses and NORMA DAVISON Rievaulx Abbey (April 1981; ACE Romance Suspense)

Headlined as "An ACE Double Cameo" with a cameo medallion in the banner caption. These are priced at $2.25 to $2.75. These "double" issue in the Cameo series were not referenced in the source that I found concerning this series. I also find it annoying that they did not use the "cameo ring" motif that is found in the ACE Gothic Cameo series.

52091-X EVA ZUMWALT (aka JOHN JACOB NILES) Masquerade of Evil (original title: Black is the Color; c.1975; copyright by G. Schirmer, Inc.) and DIANE LAPOINT Flames Over The Castle (1975; might be PBO; ACE Romance/Suspense Novel)

52091-X (back cover)

86400-7 VIRGINIA COFFMAN The Hounds of Hell and VIRGINA COFFMAN The Villa Fountains (1975; ACE Gothic Double Novel)

Headlined as "Two Complete Gothics by Virginia Coffman" with only the ACE letter-number series and no ACE logo.

The following are titles that I have found that may be ACE Cameo Doubles - but have not found copies of them yet. Let me know if you have any of these. Thank you.

SHEILA BISHOP House With Two Faces (c.1963) and JANICE N. BENNETT The Castle On The River

House With Two Faces was originally published as ACE K-192 (1963).

LOUISE HOFFMAN Fear Among The Shadows and MARYBETH MORGAN Darkness at Bromley Hall (August 1980)

NAOMI GLADISH SMITH Buried Remembrance (c.1976) and SHARON WAGNER Dark Sun At Midnight (1976)

Buried Remembrance was originally published as ACE 08500 (1976).

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