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Latino Book Club

Latino Book ClubLatino Book Club, started in January 2008 is my attempt to familiarize Wilmington with the varied experiences of the different Latino groups in the United States, through its literature.


Latino Book Club meets every last Saturday of the month at Pomegranate Books, an independent local book store located on the corner of Park and Kerr Avenue. We alternate between book discussions and book readings. Updated information is always available on our facebook site.

Face BookOutreach

Latino Book Club also promotes bilingual and heritage literacy in the Wilmington area. Some of our past programs include the Book Drive 2009 and the Bilingual Reading Program.

Our present outreach effort is the Bilingual/Heritage Literacy Book Award, funded with money raised from our unique Bookmarks for Literacy.You can support our efforts by buying our bookmarks or donating to:
Latino Book Club
c/o Dr. Amrita Das
FLL, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Wilmington, NC 28403-5954

Bookmarks for Literacy

To fund our programs and support literacy we sell bookmarks made of recycled greeting cards. Our bookmarks are available at our local alliance, Pomegranate Books, an indedependent bookstore, located at 4418 Park Avenue.

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