Karen A. Daniels, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Office: Room TL3084
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403

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The Aging and Cognitive Training (ACT) Laboratory
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PSY 105: General Psychology
PSY 324: Psychology of Aging
PSY 355: Introduction to Experimental Design
PSY 410: Cognitive Psychology

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Members of the ACT Lab

Affiliated Faculty   Contact Info   Focus/Interests
Jeffrey P. Toth   tothj@uncw.edu   Cognitive-control training; unconscious influences, metacognition
Current Graduate Students
Caitlin Northcutt   can3855@uncw.edu   Age-related memory changes, aerobic exercise and cognitive training, metacognition
Laura Werner   llw2981@uncw.edu   Working memory, decision-making, options overload
Alumni   Contact Info   Focus/Interests
Brian Smith   BTSmit11@ncsu.edu   Age-related memory changes, memory measurement, creation of computerized Trails
Michael Archambault   mka1635@alum.uncw.edu   Measurement of executive functions; stimulus-response compatibility, Stroop
Lisa Smith   n/a   Driving and executive functioning
Deb Kemp   n/a   Dance as cognitive training; age-related changes in cognition
Kimberly Bolen   n/a   Cognitive bias; memory; substance abuse; domestic violence
Contact Options: 910-962-7178 | danielsk@uncw.edu