All lessons Bob Russell, 2012.

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Comping: So What?

Get Out With Pentatonics

Shifting Minor Pentatonics

Melodic Minor Pentatonics

The Quarter Note Donkey Exercise

Making melodic minor more... well... melodic

Melodic minor - a quick study

Shell voicings (when less is more)

Mining the melody (as published in Just Jazz Guitar)

Relaxin' at Circa

Putting Things Together

Thoughts on bop comping

Shape Strategies for Rhythm Changes

Tetrachordal trickery

Playing with time

How I Did It

Weird Blues

The hard stuff

Pentatonic scale harmony

A lesson from Lester

Fun with patterns

Rhythm changes (a two-part lesson)

Chord-on-chord thinking

Chord-on-chord, part deux

Playing over static harmony

Bop-style comping

"Inside" voicings: life between the E's

Finding new voicings by inversion

Diminished capacities (and stupid guitar tricks)

Using pentatonic scales on turnarounds

Working on time