Melodic Minor Pentatonic

I've seen tons of information on the Web about pentatonic scales. Usually, they're writing/talking about major and relative minor pentatonic scales. There's another minor pentatonic scale that I don't see discussed so much: the "melodic minor pentatonic" scale. (This seems to be the most commonly used name for the scale; there are others. If I'm not using your favorite scale name for this, please don't bother writing me. You can call it "Gertrude" if that makes you feel better. Thanks in advance.)

A major pentatonic scale can be thought of as tones 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 from the standard major scale. In C, that would be C - D - E - G - A.

A melodic minor pentatonic can be thought of as the same numbered tones from the melodic minor scale.

For C minor, those notes would be C - D - Eb - G - A.

Since this scale is just a subset of the melodic minor scale, we could use it anywhere we might use a melodic minor scale.

For example, C melodic minor pentatonic could be used over:

There are other uses, but these are the "meat and potatoes" situations you'll probably run into most often.

Here's a nice fingering pattern I like to use on pentatonic scales. I put two notes on one string, then three notes on the next.
Then I carry that pattern up or down the fingerboard.

diagram of scale 

If this whets your appetite, there's a corresponding lesson on
my YouTube page... check it out.
Here's the stuff I played over the backing track near the end of the video lesson:

notation of video example