Bob Russell

I started playing the guitar when I was ten years old, at first inspired by the “British Invasion” bands of the 60s. Later, I fell under the spell of Hendrix, Townshend and B.B. King. (I was a closet country guitar fan, too, but didn’t dare admit it in high school!)
Then, at about age 17, I discovered the music of Django Reinhardt. This opened up my musical world for good. Since then, jazz has been my main area of musical activity... but I still love and honor the stuff that got me started. (Sometimes that bothers people who think jazz guitarists should wear suits and sit on stools playing big fat hollowbodies with heavy strings.)
After getting out of school, I spent about twelve years based in Atlanta, GA and did a lot of show, studio and concert work there. I joined the faculty at the University of North Carolina Wilmington in 1995 and am still happily teaching there. Apart from teaching, I’ve also released four CDs, played a whole bunch of concerts and shows... and started this web site. A lot of folks seem to enjoy the lessons page. I hope you will find helpful stuff here!

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Bob holding guitar

Bob's CD, Watch This!My first CD. A solo effort on which I played all tracks and wrote all the tunes.

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LIVE CD: Bob Russell/Mike Waddell, Home Game. Recorded in concert, November 2009. Also features Ed Paolantonio, piano; Ryan Woodall, bass; Thomas Garner, drums.

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