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How to Use Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Inventory of Skills for Teaching Reading

History of Hillcrest Reading Program

Hillcrest Reading Program

Vocabulary instruction

Book on education research

Guidelines for evaluating research and publications Powerpoint

Guidelines for evaluating research and publications document

Logic of Learning/Logic of Instruction

Persian War Presentation

Forms of Knowledge

What Do You Teach First?  [Logical Progression of Tasks Along a Strand]

Instructional Design in a Nutshell

Guidelines for Aligning Core Programs with Supplemental and Intervention Programs and Materials  

Introduction to Reading First. Powerpoint

Introduction to Reading First

Big Ideas in Instruction

Daily Lessons

Forms of Knowledge and Forms of Instruction

Direct Instruction is Applied Philosophy

A Brief Introduction to Logic

Technical Proficiency, Direct Instruction, and Education Excellence

Cognition, Logic, and Instruction

Education War

Main Features of Direct Instruction

Seeing is Believing Vs. Believing is Seeing:  The Fundamental Problem in Education

Ed Schools in Crisis

Inventory of Essential Teaching Skills

A Whole Language Catalogue of the Grotesque

Three Requirements of Effective Instruction (Revision of the Above Paper, and Has Many Assignments)

Rhetoric and Revolution:  Kenneth Goodman's "Psycholinguistic Guessing Game"

Teachers' Perceptions of Direct Instruction Teaching.  (Survey of 80 Teachers.)