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Yes, you can teach with Games

Why These Templates?

1) Save Time - The work has been done for you. The games have been created all you have to do is input your content. Your games can match what you are teaching today in class! All games are created using Microsoft Office so almost anyone can download them and immediately begin editing or using them. No code or programming language to learn.

2) High Quality - These games are built to be quick loading, great looking, and most of all fun. We did all that work for you, all you have to do is download and use them.

3 ) No Copyright - Unlike many of the PowerPoint games available on free the web, all of these games are trade mark free and copyright clear. No worries about using trademarked or copyright protected images and sounds without permission.

4) Kids and Adults Love Games - motivate your students with a medium that they enjoy, and can learn with at the same time.

What's Available?

On this site you will find more than just one or two games, we have categories of games for all types of classrooms.

1) Whole Class Games - These games are designed to involve the entire class at the same time. They are designed for use in a classroom setting where the teacher has their computer hooked up to a projector or large screen TV so that everyone in the class can view them at the same time. Play games like Big Board Facts (similar to Jeopardy) or Guess Louie (similar to Pyramid Show) and get your whole class involved.

2) Individual Games - These games are designed to used in a one computer to one student environment. All you have to do is input your questions, and the template has built in many games around them. As the student answers your questions the mini games get harder.

3) Games Requiring No Preparation - Some of the downloadable templates are fully functional ready to play, you just grab your vocabulary or review questions and put the game up on the screen.

4) Board Games and Bingo - Make your own personalized board games using templates in Microsoft Word, or make your own bingo game in minutes using excel templates.

Everybody Wins - the Book

image of book coverWant to learn more about using digital games like these to enhance teaching and learning? In the book, Everybody Wins: A teachers guide to customizing games for any curriculum , Dr. Jeff Ertzberger takes his knowledge of classrooms and games and shares his strategies for designing games that enhance any curriculum or topic. In addition to the book comes complementary access to Dr. Ertzbergers premium game template web site which contains even more great templates and games for classroom use. The book is available as a digital download, so you can get access to the book and extra templates immediately.

Click here to learn more about the book, and premium template web site.