Unknown dancer or model, probably 1910's

Andrea Deagon's
Raqs Sharqi

Welcome!  This page is a resource for information about raqs sharqi, belly dance, and other manifestations of what I call SITA (solo-improvised dance based on torso articulation), one of the great dance phenomena of our world.  Please feel free to contact me with your comments and suggestions at deagona@uncw.edu.  I don't have a lot of time for maintaining this page but I do value your input.  (Some of the links below are not yet activated -- I'll get to them as I can!)

Articles: Some of my articles from Habibi and other publications.

Brief Notes: Comments on this and that, mostly adapted from postings I've made to various lists or scraps of articles I haven't gotten around to writing yet.

Photo Gallery: Not me, but various dancers or models in an orientalizing vein, mostly from the 1900's-1920's.  I'd be happy for any information anyone has about these ladies, who prepared the way for the later exodus of real oriental dance into the American scene.

Links:  Sites that I've found useful for research or for their well-grounded perspectives about dance

Bibliography: Some books and articles I've read that pertain to belly dance, some scholarly, some less so.

About Me:  Just in case you want to know ...

Belly Dance Art: Fantasy belly dancers by dancer/artist Kelly Hawes (Samra).  I have several of her works myself.

Workshop Notes:  Hello, Cassandra folks!  The presentations will be up until Tuesday, April 4th.  Enjoy them!

UNCW Belly Dance Club: For more information contact Sarah Gagliardo.  The club will be starting up soon!

BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT: Belly Dance: Orientalism, Transnationalism, and Harem Fantasy

I am very excited about this new book, which offers so many diverse scholarly approaches to belly dance.  I have an article in it for which a number of Med-dance listers assisted in providing me with data.  I have read some of the other articles, all wonderful, insightful stuff.  I highly recommend it!