Articles on Raqs Sharqi
by Andrea Deagon

Inanna's Descent: An Archetype of Feminine Self-Discovery and Transformation 

Discusses the archetypes present in the ancient Sumerian texts of Inanna's descent into the underworld and the Sacred Marriage ritual, and the inspiration they can provide dancers.

Mythology and Symbolism in Middle Eastern Dance  

Keynote Speech delivered at the First International Conference on Middle Eastern Dance, May 1997; discusses visual and narrative patterns of dance in the ancient and modern Mediterranean, and issues concerning Middle Eastern Dance at the turn of the Millennium.

In Search of the Origins of Dance

What is real and what is mythic in the histories we construct for our dance?

Feminism and Belly Dance

Feminist perspectives and their contribution to issues important to dancers

Dancing the Eternal Image

Story patterns and archetypal images in Middle Eastern dance

Dancing in Bali: A Personal Experience of Life and Art

My reflections on studying dance in Bali: landscape, ritual forms, different disciplines, etc.

Dance, Body, Universe

The metaphorical meanings of our dancing bodies as they take shape in the universe around us, and reflect it in human form.

Dancing at the Edge of the World

A discussion of the hagallah and the secular ritual of dance performance.