Internet Resources
for Raqs Sharqi


I have chosen these resources from the many available because I feel they provide good information on the histories and cultures which contribute to our art form.  I have not included vendors etc. in this list, because so many others provide such resources.  I am still in the process of creating this page, and I am constantly learning more about what Internet resources are available for our art.  If you know of sources which should be included here, please let me know: .

Morocco   Morocco is one of our leading authorities on Middle Eastern Dance.  Her travels in the Middle East, from the 1960's to the present day, have given her an intimate knowledge of the primary cultures of this dance.  She has used this knoweldge both in her teaching and staging, and in her articles on dance and culture, several of which have been published in scholarly journals and others in dance publications.  She has reprinted a number of her articles here, together with articles by Tarik Sultan. 

Robyn Friend  Robyn Friend holds a Ph.D. in Iranian Linguistics and performs and teaches Persian singing and dance.  She is familiar to folks on the Middle Eastern dance scene through her appearances at Mendocino Music and Dance Camp as well as many seminars on all apects of Persian dance.  Her site provides articles on Persian dance, as well as information on print, music and video resources for the dance.

Maqam World  "Maqam World is a non-commercial, educational web site dedicated to helping musicians understand the maqam or modal system used in classical Arabic music. Maqam World attempts to simplify the subject for the Arabic music beginner, while trying hard to remain correct and not exclude any essential information...."

Arabic Song Translations    "The purpose of this non-profit website is to help educate western afficianados and performers of Middle Eastern dance and music, by sharing knowledge of the meaning of the vocal lyrics. There is a lot of great Middle Eastern music for which English translations are available. And this site may help you find it!"

Helene Eriksen    Helene Eriksen is a dance ethnologist with expertise in many areas of oriental folk dances, from years of fieldwork and scholarly study.  Her web site introduces her as scholar and performer, and contains information about many styles of ethnic dance.

The Belly Dance Museum   A commercial organization which also offers a collection of prints and other illustrations of belly dancers, searchable by region and other criteria. 

The Belly Dance Home Page   This resource hasn't been updated since 1998, but it has good presentations on many issues.