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Final Exam Review

Assignment for Friday, April 26

Our main focus is still review, especially ablative absolute and indirect statement.  So this is just useful materials.  The more you prepare, the more use the class with be for you!

Practice Test  This has the same structure as your final (except there are no multiple choice since you have some below) NOTE: There will NOT be an infinitives paradigm on the actual test.

Practice Test Answers

Review Resources:

Assignment for Wednesday, April 24

  • From the materials handed out on Friday and linked below, work on Class exercise 2 and 3 -- the more you do the more use the class review will do you.  Scientific studies have shown that It is far better to make a mistake and later correct it, than to wait for it to be explained, so be brave and answer.
  • Review the participles and infinitives overview linked under Helpful Materials.
  • Study the examples and explanations from the Servilius' Banquet IS exercises from class. (This is not complete yet but the first part is up in detail.)
  • Review the materials on Indirect statement in Ch. 29 B.
  • Work on the mylatinlab exercises.  They are all due officially on Saturday, but the last "amnesty" foir late work I will give will be at approximately 11:00 on Monday 29th.

Assignment for Monday, April 22

Helpful Materials:


Assignment for Wednesday, April 17

  • Begin the verb review for chapter 21.
  • To turn in: exercises 27.3 and 27.4.
  • For class: do the pre-reading exercises (28.1) p. 360, and
  • translate reading 28A (p. 360) through line 11.

Assignment for Monday, April 15

  • Complete the passive sentences to ablative absolute worksheet (most people received it in class).
  • You may want to consult the examples and answers sheet.
  • Complete reading 27B (p. 350)
  • QUIZ on chapter 26 and 27 vocabulary.  Part 1: 10 Latin to English words from those chapters.  Part 2: second and third principle parts from verbs on this list.
  • For those who want to polish and shine their verb vocabularies, this is the Master List of all verbs Chapters 1-27 excluding deponents.
  • NOTE: Links will be up Thursday.



Assignment for Wednesday, April 10

  • Study the Perfect Passive system, pp. 347-8
  • To Turn In (We will also go over this in class if you have questions):  This is a variation of Ex. 27.1.  Go through the evrbs in reading 27A (p. 346) and for each of the perfect passive verbs in bold, (a) give the subject and (b) translate subject and verb.
  • Prepare translation 27A (p. 36) through line 14.
  • Mylatinlabs exercises are due Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday April 9th, 11th, and 13th.

Assignment for Monday, April 8

  • Continue working on the Ablative Absolute construction sheet
  • Read the ablative absolute description in Disce, pp. 337-339
  • Review verbs, focusing on the fourth principle part ...
  • All disce exercises through chapter 27 are up, with die dates of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday April 9th, 11th, 13th



Helpful materials:


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Quiz example:

kill: neco, necare, ________necavi________     ___________necatum____________

try: conor, conari, ___________________conatus sum________________________