Devon M. Simmonds

Associate Professor


Department of Computer Science

UNC Wilmington

CIS Building Room 2046

601 South College Road

Wilmington, NC 28403

Tel: 910-962-3819

Fax: 910-962-7457

simmondsd [at] uncw [dot] edu




Visitors since 9/8/2006

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Current Research



Research Areas & Projects

Within the broad scope of software engineering, my research focuses on:

1.     Software architecture.

2.     Model driven development and model transformation

3.     Aspect-oriented software development

4.     Distributed systems and middleware

5.     Component-based software development

6.     General Software engineering and design

7.     Other Projects


Students Supervised - Capstone/DIS/Honors Project



Richard Alford A Comparison of Model-Driven Development Tools


Phillip Garriss MyDay A Medication Reminding & Compliance Monitoring System

Nancy Bordelon Comparing Automated Software Testing Tools

Maziar Boddoohi An Evaluation of Software Architectures Using Aspects

Micah Justad A Centralized Integration Interface Repository

Ed Peloquin Implementing A Workflow Management System Using Aspects

Michael Shaw Investigation of Slow-Propagating Network Computer Worms

Jacob Kane - Design of a Multi-touch Interface and Research into Other Gestural Based




Other Student Supervision/Collaboration Leading to Published Paper


Michelle Willcox (pending)

Thomas Lovette (pending)

Yuli Bonner (pending)

Michael Nipper

Wesley Williams

Mark Lanter

Lyle Scott III

Ashley Young


Selin Benli

Andy Herrmann

Anthony Habash

Tyler Loftis

Jason Dudley

Casey Tucker

Sarah Peck