Working Paper Archive

The files containing the abstracts are in ascii format. The files (*.pdf) containing the working papers are in Adobe Portable Document format and can be downloaded or viewed directly using a suitable viewer.

E. A. Olszewski, Dyons, Superstrings, and Wormholes: Exact Solutions of the Non-Abelian Dirac-Born-Infeld Action, April 2015.

            abstract [~1K],  wormhole.pdf [~200K]

E. A. Olszewski, Dyons and Magnetic Monopoles Revisited, September 2012.
            abstract [~1K],  dyon.pdf [~200K]

E. A. Olszewski, From Baking a Cake to Solving the Diffusion Equation, February 2006.
            abstract [~1K],  cake.pdf [~500K]

E. A. Olszewski, A Strategy for Trading the S&P 500 Futures Market, July 2001.
            abstract [~1K],  sp.pdf  [~200K]

E. A. Olszewski and K. L. Ross, Cyclical Behavior in Eighteenth Century Stock Market Prices, September 2000.
            abstract [~4K],  cycle.pdf  [~500K]

E. A. Olszewski, Assessing Inefficiency in the Futures Markets, November 1997.
            abstract [~1K],  moment.pdf  [~600K]


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