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Last updated: April, 2018.
QMTools (Announcing Version 4.0!)
New to Version 4.0:
  • Support for various special functions of mathematical physics (Airy, Bessel, Fresnel, etc.).
  • A comprehensive overhaul of the graphics package, adding extensive support for 'slicing' multivariate functions, and keyboard control of nearly all graphics operations.
  • Support for converting any QMTools applet to a [Webstart] application that can be launched from the local file system. Webstart applications are an alternative presentation mode to applets launched from a web page (and their attendant security concerns).
  • Greatly expanded and easier-to-navigate system help.

The QMTools Project seeks to empower educators with the freedom to craft their own "live" instructional materials by giving them the means to seamlessly integrate multimedia and computational elements into their presentations at little extra cost, both in terms of time and dollars.

The QMTools software package provides a collection of tools to facillitate the creation of multimedia-enhanced, computer-based classroom materials — worksheets, exercises, tutorials, even complete topical modules — for use in teaching introductory quantum physics. Each tool encapsulates a single pedagogical element that can be inserted [as a Java applet] into a web document to provide an interactive, computer-based experience at any point in the presentation. The package is available to the academic community at no charge for non-commercial use.

QMTools is a featured supplement to the text Modern Physics, 3rd Edition, by Serway, Moses, and Moyer.

Project supported by the National Science Foundation's Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement Program under grant DUE-9972322.