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2/03 Ms. Amick, Ms. Aro and Ms Aktuglu

The Mind/Body Dualism Dilemma from Descartes to James

Interested in Alchemy?

Descartes' Place in the Study of Mathematics







...without experiment it is impossible to know anything throughly.
-Roger Bacon (1120-1292)


...reading of all good books is indeed like a conversation with the noblest men of past centuries who were the authors of them… for to converse with those of other centuries is almost the same as to travel.
- Rene Descartes (1596-1650)


History of Psychology Resource Links

2/10 Ms. Ashcraft, Ms. Bailey, and Mr. Bartholomew

Brief Biographies:   

Dr. Paul Pierre Broca   Dr. Karl S. Lashley


Broca's Pickled Brain

Lashley's Rat Brain

2/17/03  Ms. Cartwright, Ms. Camp & Ms. Bowen

Brief Biographies

Cattell                                        Wundt

                                                                          picture of cattell                 wundt picture

A Brief Outline about Wilhelm Wundt

Pictures of Wundt’s Research Equipment

A Reference of Many Famous Psychologists




February 24th, 2003 Mr. Cresman, Mr. Craven & Ms. Cowling

munsterbergpicture titchener picture   titchener grayscale

                                        Munsterberg                                                     Titchener                                                     Titchener

History of Psychology According to Oklahoma State!

A Brief Biography of Munsterberg

A Brief Biography of Titchener

Want to Know About Organic Imagery?

3/17  Ms. Humphrey, Ms. Halls and Mr. Hahn  Gestalt Psychology and Gestalt Therapy

A Brief Biography of Fritz Perls including many photos

A brief biography of Max Wertheimer

A detailed site on the life and research of Wolfgang Kohler


                                            3/24  Mr. Manning, Ms. MacLean, Mr. Laverick & Mr. Link  Psychoanalysis

Hypnosis website with interesting introduction animation                                                            Witmer:  A Biography 

Offers biographies on many psychoanalysts including Jung, Freud and Witmer                             Lightner Witmer’s Contributions

Differences between Jungian and Freudian theories           

Offers brief history of psychoanalysis and links to many theorists   

Sigmund Freud Action Figure!  (Now with phallic cigar!)” 

Mr. Laverick's son Kyler and Ms. Garganta's neice Delaney- the future of psychology!!!

Arm wrestle Freud!!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Freud

Outline of Jungian Psychology

Jung:  A Short Biography

Jung’s Archetypes

                                                                               Functionalism    Ms. Maultsby,  Ms. McGrath  & Ms. Matthis

William James Website:

“Reason is one of the very feeblest of Nature's forces, if you take it at any one spot and moment. It is only in the very long run that its effects become perceptible. Reason assumes to settle things by weighing them against one another without prejudice, partiality, or excitement; but what affairs in the concrete are settled by is, and always will be, just prejudices, partialities, and excitements. Appealing to reason as we do, we are in a sort of a forlorn hope situation, like a small sand-bank in the midst of a hungry sea ready to wash it out of existence.”  
                ~ William James, World Peace Congress (October 7, 1904)

                       Galton Thinking                                                             James pondering                                        Munsterberg (nice moustache!!)

             Galton thinking                           James thinking                           munsterberg                

Hugo Munsterberg Website One

Hugo Munsterberg Website Two

Quotes:  The always practical Munsterberg:
Discussing structuralism, it is “more natural to drink the water than to analyze it in the laboratory into its chemical elements.”
Reaction to Freud’s theoretical emphasis on unconscious determinants, “the story of the subconscious mind can be told in three words: there is none.”
                ~ Hugo Munsterberg

Francis Galton Website One

Francis Galton Website Two

James Cattell Website:                           


Charles Darwin Website

A Little Functionalism, A Lotta Intelligence Testing  Ms. Rosenbloom, Ms. Smith & Ms. Ryan

a bunch of iq guys
Robert Yerkes, Louis Terman and Henry Goddard  Three points on the final if you name the rest by 04/18; e-mail Dr. C

yerkes     Dewey     Dewey   binet
                Yerkes                                          Dewey                                                Dewey Educational Center                                            Binet

Edward Lee Thorndike—His Biography, Theory, and more!                                    All About John Dewey

Thorndike the Learning Theorist                                                                              
                                                        John Dewey and Informal Education
Dewey and the Reflex Arc

James Rowland Angell and Functionalism                                                               Just For Fun—Take an Intelligence Test

Angell’s Life and Functionalist Manifesto                                                                Biography of Alfred Binet

Robert Mearns Yerkes—Career and Contributions                                                Goddard, the Kallikak Family, and Eugenics

Yerkes National Primate Research Center—neat site!

The Yerkes-Dodson Curve and Your Optimal Level of Stress

April 28th Behaviorism continued  Ms. Womble, Ms. Williamson, Ms. Stone & Ms. Thacker

Guthrie’s Contiguity Theory                            Learning Theories: Behaviorism

Edwin R. Guthrie                                            Sign Learning (E. Tolman)

Tolman’s biography                                         Clark Hull

Hull’s Neo-Behaviorism                                    B.F. Skinner

                                        Skinner’s biography

Intelligence testing             Behaviorism

Class PowerPoint Presentations

Masters & Johnson Human Sexual Response Ms. Maultsby and Mr. Manning

On Being Sane in Insane Places  Ms. Stokley, Ms. Halls & Ms. Smith

Kohlberg: Mr. Morality

Acting as if You are Hypnotised  Mr. Hahn, Ms. Ryan & Ms. Bowen

You're Getting Defensive Again  Ms. Henderson & Ms. Williamson

Obey at Any Cost  Ms. Aro, Dr. Bailey, Ms. Stone & Ms. Parrish

Unromancing the Dream  Ms. Aktuglu, Mr. Craven, Mr. Cresman & Ms. Humphrey

Are Pigeon's Capable of Superstition  Mr. Richardson, Mr. Spicer, Mr. Mitchell & Ms. MacLean

                                            See Aggression Do Aggression  Albert Bandura  Ms. Womble, Ms. McGrath & Ms. Matthis

Relaxing your Fears Away  Ms. Rosenbloom, Ms. Smith & Ms. Thacker

Conformity  Ms. Amick & Ms. Ashcraft

Conditioned Human Reactions  Ms. Cartwright, Mr. Link , Ms. Cowling & Ms. Stidham

Of Rats and Men  Mr. Roberts and Ms. Camp

To Help or Not to Help  Ms. Garganta and Mr. Laverick