My courses focus on aesthetics, which is the study of what people in fact value about art (the enjoyment it offers them) as opposed to what people normally think they ought to value about it (its meaning).

        Selected Courses
  • Aesthetics of Hollywood Cinema
  • American Cinema 1927-1960
  • American Cinema of the 1970s
  • American Cinema Since 1961 
  • The Cinematic Mind: Cognition of Cinema
  • Cognitive and Neoformalist Film Theories
  • Film Authors: John Cassavetes
  • Film Authors: Martin Scorsese
  • Film Styles & Genres: Gangsters, Private Eyes, Low Lifes—Film Noir
  • Film Styles & Genres: Hollywood Style
  • The Hollywood Aesthetic: Pleasure in Mainstream Cinema
  • Introduction to Film Study
  • Introduction to Hollywood Cinema
  • Storytelling in the Cinema
  • Theater and Cinema
  • Writing about Film