Department of Biology and Marine Biology

Brian Arbogast

Teaching at UNCW

I teach several courses in Conservation Biology and Mammalogy at UNCW


Mammalogy (Biology 452)

- typically taught each fall

Conservation Biology (Biology 466)

This is our senior-level undergraduate course in Conservation Biology; typically taught each spring

Tropical Ecology and Biodiversity of Ecuador

This is a field-intensive course taught at the Wildsumaco Biological Station in the Tropical Andes of Ecuador. See the 2014 course brochure here

Biology of Marsupials (Biology 495: Senior Seminar)

This is a one-unit senior seminar I teach at least once per year




Advanced Conservation Biology

Advanced Ecology

Advanced Evo-Devo


Undergraduate Research

In addition to teaching traditional courses, I supervise undergraduate research (Directed Independent Study and Honors Thesis). Projects typically focus on field studies, population genetics or molecular systematics, or museum specimen-based research.

Previous Teaching Experience

Previously, I taught several courses each year at Humboldt State University, including:



Advanced Mammalogy


Killer Whales


Fall 2006
Video by Lydia Hicks

Flying Squirrel Release

Advanced Mammalogy

Spring 2006

Spotted Skunk Release

Advanced Mammalogy

Spring 2006

Ringtail Relase

Advanced Mammalogy

Spring 2006





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