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UNCW Neuropsychology Lab

The Neuropsychology lab is led by  Antonio E. Puente, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.  Main areas of research in the lab include: cross cultural, forensic, and military neuropsychology.


The lab has two post-doctoral fellows: Inmaculada (Inma) Ibanez-Casas and Zara Melikyan, three graduate students: Andrea Mejia, Angie Sekely, and Hana Kuwabara, and two honors undergraduate students: George Daniel and Connor McMahan. This group represents three different countries as well as North Carolina.

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Work in neuropsychology lab focuses on two major areas - research and clinical service. The major interest is in the relationship of culture and neuropsychological functioning with specific emphasis on Spanish- and Russian-speaking individuals. This work is done in collaboration with colleagues from Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, and Russia. In the area of military neuropsychology work focuses on the development of a large (N>1,000 individuals) data set and data analysis of returning veterans who have undergone a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment. This work is done in close collaboration with alumni of Neuropsychology lab who work as neuropsychologists in a military base Camp Lejeune, NC. Increasingly, attention has been paid to understanding how neuropsychology interfaces with the legal system. In addition, the group helped establish and staffs mental health service in Cape Fear Clinic (CFC) - mental health facility for un- and under-insured individuals. CFC mental health services include assessment, therapy, and long-term follow-up (both psychological and psycho-pharmacological) as a volunteer-based free service for low-income individuals from Southeastern North Carolina in English and Spanish. Several members of the group are also employed in a variety of capacities (e.g., psychometric technicians) at University Neuropsychology.

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