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 Joseph Pawlik


Frank Hawkins Kenan Professor of Marine Biology,

Department of Biology and Marine Biology, UNC Wilmington.  

Ph.D., Marine Biology, 1988: Scripps Institution of Oceanography UC-San Diego .

B.S., Biology, 1982: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. 


Click HERE for a short video on Dr. Pawlik's research program at UNCW.


 Click HERE for a written interview with Dr. Pawlik  about his research program, and HERE for more about sponge ecology on Caribbean reefs.


Click HERE to watch Dr. Pawlik give a 17 minute talk about his research (from a symposium at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, 24 May 2010)


Click HERE to watch a video made by Dr. Pawlik of his students working in the Aquarius habitat, and HERE to watch a 2014 interview from Aquarius with Dr. Pawlik and Fabien Cousteau, grandson of Jacques Cousteau. For additional videos, check out "Pawlik Lab" channel on YouTube.


Click HERE and HERE to listen to EarthSky interviews about sponges on coral reefs.


Click here for a Curriculum Vitae

Click here for Publication PDFs