Signal Analysis

This site provides links to a variety of topics related to signal analysis, image processing and the harmonic analysis of tides. It started as a set of links for teaching marine science students about the Fourier Analysis of Time Series. There are also links to an undergraduate mathematics course in Fourier and Complex Analysis. This has resulted in a draft of a text devoted to the mathematics behind these topics.

Fourier and Complex Analysis Course

Fourier Analysis of Time Series 

Class notes

Fourier Analysis of Time Series MS Word, PDF,  HTML (HTML needs work and the overall set of notes need to be proofread.)  Last Revised - 9/18/02
Harmonic Analysis MS Word Last Revised - 10/16/02
Filters.doc - not proofread or ready for prime time.

Marine Science/Bioacoustics Links

The Mathematical Foundation of Image Compression

This is student research into image compression using fractal compression techniques.