Open Source Software for Mathematics

The high cost of standard mathematical packages is often a hardship for students and faculty (especially in third world countries). As a result, more people are joining the open source movement and are seeking ways to circumvent cost, storage and ownership. We review a diverse number of open source software in the ICTCM 2008 talk and accompanying paper.


Everyday Open Source Applications

Portable Applications

Media Editors

Computer Algebra Systems

Numerical Computing


Other Mathematics Applications

Other Computing Environments

Python Computing

Python  is a programming environment also useful for computational science with many offshoots capable of interfacing with other programs, providing visualization and data analysis. Spme examples are below and more are at

VPython Models-Applications

There have been several attempts at gathering several open source math programs in one computing place place. Quantian (   ) provides a Linux distribution containing such a collection. In 2005 SAGE (  ) was released as a “viable open source alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica, and MATLAB. SAGE includes many high quality open source math packages.” One can even use it online at 

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