Steven D. Emslie


Department of Biology & Marine Biology University of North Carolina Wilmington

Ph.D., University of Florida, 1987
M.S., Northern Arizona University, 1982

M.A., University of Colorado, 1977

2022 - 2023

Current Graduate Students (M.S. and Ph.D.):

Anna Zarn (M.S.; 2016 - 2018). Stable isotope and mercury analyses of Galapagos seabird tissues.  Ph.D. (2018-2022).  Mercury in coastal food webs in North Carolina.

Megan Reaves (M.S.; 2020-2022). Multiple stable isotope analyses on bone collagen from Pygoscelid penguin chicks.


Kate Sutherland (M.S.; 2021-2023). Stable isotope and mercury analyses of white and dark-faced forms of the Black-capped Petrel.


Malia Smith (Ph.D.; 2020-). Historic ecology of Blue and Fin Whales in the Southern Ocean using baleen plates. (Co-Advisor with Dr. Aly Fleming)


Valerie Munoz (M.S.; 2023-). Stable isotopes and foraging ecology of Adelie Penguins in the Ross Sea, Antarctica.


Molly Sullivan (M.S.; 2023-). Stable isotopes of fossil mammals and Late Pleistocene to Holocene transitions in the eastern Great Basin.