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Welcome to Dr. Deagon's Mythology class, Spring 2013!

About this course: 

CLA 210 is an introduction to the mythology of ancient Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, and Northern Europe, with a focus on ancient Greece and Rome.  This course will provide you with: (1) familiarity with and appreciation of a variety of forms of literary representations of mythology; (2) the ability to use a variety of critical methodologies to interpret and analyze mythic narratives from different perspectives; (3)  awareness of the cultural contexts for and uses of mythic narrative, including  the roles of class, ethnicity, social status, material culture, political systems, and historical events in constructing narratives of the divine and of interactions between human and divine world; (4) appreciation of the ways in which myth expresses communal and individual religious perceptions; and (5) awareness of the role of mythology as a focus for the artistic creation of meaning in a variety of cultures and cultural contexts.

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