Ecological Network Analsysis Workshop @ ISEM 2019, Sept 30, 2019

Workshop co-organized by Ursula Scharler, Brian Fath, Caner Kazanci, and Stuart Borrett

Tutorial Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to ...

  • Describe core features of network models and explain the advantages of this model type
  • Identify the core components of Ecological Network Analysis (Ecosystems)
  • Use several software tools facilitate model construction and to apply Ecological Network Analysis

Note that notes are password protected PDFs. The password will be distributed during the workshop.


Tutorial Notes & Files

Introduction to ENA and enaR

notes, example applications

Exercise 1 - Getting Started with enaR


Exercise 2 - Loading a model into R

exercise2.r, oyster.dat, MDMAR02.xlsx

Exercise 3 - Analyzing multiple models exercise3.r
Advanced Topics - Uncertainty Analysis example-uncertainty.R




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Borrett, S.R. Introduction to Networks & Network Ecology Lecture Notes, ENA Tutorial, International Society for Ecological Modelling 2016.


Ecological Network Analysis

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enaR Software

Borrett, SR, Fath, BD, and Kazanci, C. Proposed changes in the mathematical notation used for Ecosystem Network Analysis for clearer communication.  The International Society for Ecological Modelling Global Conference 2016, Towson, MD. (Poster Presentation)

Other useful software

Other Network Science Resources