Forensic Anthropology
A. Midori Albert, Ph.D.
University of North Carolina at Wilmington

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Universities with Forensic Anthropology Faculty

There are a select few graduate programs in the US that offer specialized training (i.e, courses, lab and field experience) in forensic anthropology.  Forensic anthropology may be taught as an undergraduate course, but to actually become a practicing, board certified forensic anthropologist, a graduate degree or degrees is/are required. 

*And now, the schools:

Graduate Programs in Anthropology,
with Forensic Anthropology Faculty:

*Post Baccalaureate Advanced Certificate in Forensic Anthropology
(*Post Bac means after the BA/BS degree, but not a graduate degree)

Undergraduate Programs in Anthropology,
with Forensic Anthropology Faculty:

(*Note:  these are not all of the schools; but this is a good starting place.   Remember to check the AAA Guide to Departments, a reference book found in any department with an anthropology major in any US university or college).