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Welcome to my home page. I'm a forensic anthropologist at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) in the Department of Anthropology.  While I conduct traditional osteological research, I have also been actively involved in the Face Aging Group, working on biometrics and face identification: through UNCW's Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies in Identity Sciences

 At UNCW our undergraduate program offers the:

Students of any major interested in forensic science may consider our:

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This website provides 2 main items of interest:    

  1. Anthropology:  Definition, Subfields
    Forensic Anthropology:  Definition, FAQ's
  2. Education, Career Planning Guidelines in Forensic Anthropology ; be sure to also check out UNCW career development counselor Mark Werbeach's forensic science career planning and information site.  See also UNCW Randall Library's Forensic Sciences Resources site.

    For general forensic science information on planning your education or career, visit the American Academy of Forensic Sciences' Young Forensic Scientists Forum by clicking here See also the links below (or click here).

Browse the special section on forensic anthropology interview questions and answers--especially helpful for students writing papers on careers.

If you work in the forensic sciences or law enforcement and you seek professional consultation, please click here.


From the "all about forensic website"--an online forensic giftshop! 
Check it out here:  forensic gifts

Forensic anthropology/forensic science career/education links:

Graduate programs in physical anthropology
Consider bioarchaeology or skeletal biology as well as a forensics focus

Discover Criminal Justice, contains a database of accredited criminal justice programs with over 5,000 programs listed plus articles and interviews with experts.

       *See especially this page on analyzing evidence


  • Forensic Accounting:  definition and overview, job description, and employment opportunities


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Forensic Science Career information:

Forensic Science Technician

Crime Scene Investigator

Forensic Pathology

Forensic Nursing

Forensic Biology

Forensic Toxicology

Forensic Entomology

Forensic Botany

Forensic Psychology

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