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     In the Parish/Congregation Study, Paul Wilkes and his staff identified 600 of the best local churches in America. All of these churches, while quite different, had something in common: a "habit of being*." Wilkes and his staff then wrote about these churches in Excellent Catholic Parishes: The Guide to Best Places and Practices and Excellent Protestant Congregations: The Guide to Best Places and Practices.

     Both books are now in use throughout America, providing a template for local church excellence, rejuvenation, and assessment.      At the Pastoral Summit in New Orleans in May-June 2001 - which brought together some 700 clergy and lay leaders in pursuit of church excellence -- this "habit of being" was in the air. There was excitement about the current role and the future potential of the local church. As one participant said: "I now know what the early church was like - the power, the possibilities are limitless. I felt it."

Now is time to bring that excitement and potential to your church with a visit from Paul Wilkes, Pastoral Summit Project Director, and/or Pastoral Summit Associates Marty Minchin and Miles Daniels, who specialize in youth ministry, GenX ministry, contemporary worship and small group.

     *This "habit of being" includes meaningful and relevant worship, a welcoming spirit, an excitement about leading a religious life, willingness, and an eagerness to serve. *This "habit of being" revolves around a true and deep relationship with God and the quest to know His will - and sense His power -- in individuals' and a church's life. The church culture in these excellent churches is holy, healthy, and happy. People enjoy their church affiliation and feel they are an integral - and most needed -- part of a great adventure.