Excellent Catholic Parishes

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     In The Seven Secrets of Successful Catholics, Paul Wilkes pinpointed the qualities that make individual Catholics successful. For his new book, he and his research team traveled the country to discover what makes Catholic parishes successful. His search uncovered a wealth of excellence in Catholic parish life across the country. In Excellent Catholic Parishes he profiles eight parishes and provides a directory to hundreds more as well as a list of traits common to excellent parishes that other communities can emulate.

     A helpful and user-friendly guide, Wilkes’s book— shows how all kinds of parishes can be successful, whether in the inner city or the suburbs, homogenous or ethnically and racially diverse, with a copastorate or with no priest in residence; disproves the myth that lack of priests and resources is what holds parishes back from excellence; puts the three keys of success—vision, energy, and hope—within the reach of every parish; has a “must read” directory of hundreds of excellent parishes across the country.

     This is required reading for pastors, pastoral staff members, and lay leaders who want to improve parish life—and for anyone looking for a new parish home.

     “Excellent Catholic Parishes” is a book that should have been written years ago. . . . American Catholics—leaders and people alike—need to know what parishes are successful and what makes them so. Paul Wilkes has done us all a great service. . . . This is, indeed, a guide to best places and practices for those interested in making their own parish a better place to worship, a comfortable place to gather as a faith community, and a creative place to put their faith into action.”
Thomas P. Sweetser, S.J., Parish Evaluation Project—

     “We all know that Catholic hop from parish to parish these days. What are they looking for? What are they seeking? Paul Wilkes lays out clearly his criteria for a successful parish in this post-Vatican II era. . . . you will find much in this book to reflect on, debate about, and even argue over. It will serve its purposes by stimulating your thought and forcing you to mark out your own criteria.”
Most Reverend Rembert G. Weakland, O.S.B., Archbishop of Milwaukee—