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Mission Statement

Founded in 1937, The Wildlife Society’s mission is “To inspire, empower, and enable wildlife professionals to sustain wildlife populations and habitats through science-based management and conservation.” The Wildlife Society enhances our members’ networking and learning opportunities, professional and career development, and provides numerous ways for them to get more involved in creating a better future for wildlife and their habitats.

The Wildlife Society’s student chapters are composed of student and professional members of the Society. Based at college campuses across North America, these chapters establish their own locally-focused objectives and have their own bylaws, officers, committees, and dues structure.

The Seahawk Wildlife Society Chapter was founded in Fall 2017. The purpose and objectives of our chapter is to allow UNCW students to gain field experience, network with wildlife professionals, learn about contemporary wildlife conservation research, and have the opportunity to attend local, state, and national workshops and conferences. Meetings and events for this chapter will allow UNCW students to learn skills, gain knowledge, and develop as a wildlife professional, thereby better preparing themselves for careers in the wildlife field and creating a better future for wildlife and their habitats.

Meet the Seahawk Wildlife Officers (2018-2019)

Kayla McNeilly

President - Kayla McNeilly

Email Kayla

Rachel Carpenter

Treasurer - Rachel Carpenter

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Vice President - (Empty Spring 2019)


Secretary - (Empty Spring 2019)


Sara Schweitzer

Liaison - Sara Schweitzer

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Kelsey Pistner

Marketing & Fundraising - Kelsey Pistner

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Welcome 2019-2020 Seahwawk Officers!

Kelsey Pistner

President - Kelsey Pistner

Email Kelsey

Carson Hicks

Treasurer - Carson Hicks

Email Carson

Peter Kienzler

Vice President - Peter Kienzler

Email Peter

Alisar Qunibi

Secretary - Alisar Qunibi

Email Alisar

Sara Schweitzer

Liaison - Sara Schweitzer

Email Sara

Rachel Joffey

Marketing & Fundraising - Rachel Joffey

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Calendar of Events

Please check our events calendar often to receive helpful information concerning upcoming meetings, conferences, events, and other wildlife related activities!

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