Presentations while at UNCW

2008 World Health Congress
Washington, DC
“An Integrated Health Services Model”
Chapel Hill. NC Strategy Panel:
The Value of Higher Education in Today’s Economy
Chapel Hill, NC Board of Governors

IT Metrics
Orlando, FL “ The Politics of Belief”
“The Politics of Belief”
2006 Valencia Personnel Development
Orlando, FL
“Strategic Relationship Tapestry”
2006 Roosevelt Group
Amelia Island, FL
International Standards and the US Trade Deficit
2005 Collegis/Eduprise Forum
Washington, DC
“The Blended Mode University”
2005 SREB
Charleston, SC
“The Impact of Systems Thinking in Higher Education”
2005 Educause Conference
Washington, DC
“Security and Internet 2”
2005 Academic Symposiums SRA
San Francisco, CA
“Creating Sustainable IT Funding Models”
2005 Valencia Community College
Coco Beach, FL
“Enrollment Management and Precision"
2004 AASA
Atlanta, GA
“Public Education: America’s True National Debt”
2004 Teaching and Learning with Technology Collaborative
Raleigh, NC
“Teaching as a Social Activity”
2004 Collegis Partners’ Conference
Orlando, FL
“Teaching as a Social Activity”
2004 Eduprise Forum
St. Petersburg Fl.
“The Knowledge Ecology”
2004 Southern Regional Council on Educational Administration
Raleigh, NC
“NET Generation Thinking”
San Diego, CA
“Leadership Denial”
2003 AASA
Washington, DC
“Public Education: Holding the Center”
2003 NLII
Denver, CO
“Liberal Arts and Technology”
2003 CIO Board, UNC
Asheville, NC
“Principles of Strategic IT Planning”
2003 AASCU
Orlando, FL
“Principles of Leadership in IT”
2003 State Department of Public Instruction
Charlotte, NC
“Projections on the Educational Impact of Internet Access”
2002 TLT Regional Collaborative
Raleigh, NC
“IT and Social Systems"
Chapel Hill, NC
TLT Roundtable
2002 AASA
San Francisco, CA
“Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century”
2002 Educause Conference
Washington, DC
“The Digital Divide and the Shadows of Poverty”
2002 American Association of Higher Education
Charlotte, NC
“Higher Education’s Moral Dilemma”
2001 Eduprise Partners Conference
Washington, DC
“Living in a Culture of Continuous
2001 National Urban League
Chicago, IL
“Urban America and Rural America – A Tale of Two Realities”
2001 NC Teaching and Learning with Technology Collaborative
Greensboro, NC
“Threats to the Paradigm”
2001 Rural Internet Access Authority
Raleigh, NC
“Poverty and Access to Technology”
2001 NC Technology Forum
Asheville, NC
“Blended Mode Delivery and
Infrastructure Demands”
Orlando, FL
“The Extended University”
2001 Southern Regional Education Board
Atlanta, GA
“Systems Model for IT Management”
2000 Educause Conference
St. Petersburg, FL
“Case Study: Innovation and Transformation”
2000 International Technology Conference
Washington, DC
“Strategic Alignment of Technology Partnerships”
2000 NLII Regional Conference
San Diego, CA
“Managing Necessary Change in the Knowledge Ecology”
2000 The National Learning Infrastructure
New Orleans Initiative
“The Blended Mode University”
2000 Governor’s Southeast Regional Conference
Wilmington, NC
“Critical Corporate Clusters Analysis”
1999 Assistant Principals’ Executive Program
Wilmington, NC
“Leadership and Organizational Coherence”
1999 Principals’ Executive Program
Chapel Hill, NC
“Creating the Will to Change”
1999 Principal Fellows’ Conference
New Bern, NC
“Reflections on Twenty Years of Change”
1998 Excellence in Education Conference
Raleigh, NC
“Higher Education and the New Accountability”
1998 Parent/Community Involvement Best Practices Conference Raleigh, NC
“The Role of the Community in School Improvement”
1998 North Carolina Principal Fellows’ State Conference
Greensboro, NC
“Leaders and the Creation of Hope”
1998 Third Annual North Carolina Partners’ Conference: Beyond Collaboration
Boone, NC
“UNCW Professional Development System”
1997 Triangle East Partnership
Raleigh, NC
“The Role of Higher Education in the Era of Personal Control”
1997 Second Annual North Carolina Partners’ Conference
Pinehurst, NC
“At the Edge of Discovery”
1997 AASA
New Orleans, LA
“How Does an Organization Mean?”
1996 International Technology Forum
Washington, DC
“The Scientific Mind and the Dominance of Technique”
1996 NC Partnership Conference
Chapel Hill, NC
“Vision and Focus in Times of Change”
1996 NC Partnership Conference
Raleigh, NC
“Professional Development Systems and Improved Teacher Preparation”
1995 Public School Forum State Conference
Raleigh, NC
“UNCW, A New Vision for Faculty in Schools”
1994 North Carolina Family Services Annual
Greensboro, NC
“Whose Children Are These? The Community of the Future”
1993 Kenan Lecture Series
Chapel Hill, NC
“Technology in North Carolina’s Future”
1993 North Carolina Education Summit North Carolina Community Colleges
Raleigh, NC
“The Emerging Partnerships Among Universities and Community Colleges”
1993 North Carolina Quality Conference
Charlotte, NC
“Applying Quality Planning Principles to Public Schools”
1993 Reading Recovery Forum
Charlotte, NC
“The Price of Illiteracy in America”

UNCW's Technology Standard of Expectation

NLII PowerPoint Presentation

Collaborated proposal for that later