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Dr. Ann E. Stapleton’s research is focused on experimental testing of genotype-environment-phenotype models and systems modeling and she has more than ten years experience in development of cyberinfrastructure for biology. She has published in computer science, statistics, and biology journals. She was elected the Chair of the 2017 Gordon Research Conference on Quantitative Genetics and Genomics and recently served as the faculty lead to develop and approve a new interdisciplinary professional science master’s program in data science.

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Publications & Projects


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Biology 495 Seminar

Are Biological Systems Like Facebook? Understanding Interactions in Cells, Organisms, Ecosystems

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Genetically-Informed EnviroTyping Tools to Better Test and Target Environments

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Validate 1.0

Test predictions, integrate applications, and manage GWAS and prediction applications in parallel

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More than 50 research students have been supported by my federal grants in the last five years, and I encourage networking among my students and with many other students and colleagues. My research students have gone on to successful careers in fields ranging from plant breeding informatics to biostatistics to high-school science teaching. Career mentoring and training in project management is a key part of my student mentoring strategy.


2016 Science Olympiad Outstanding Volunteer Award

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Published with Statistician and Computer Science Collaborators

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UNCW Mentor Award

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Chair of Gordon Research Conference on Quantitative Genetics

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Faculty Lead for Development and Approval of UNCW Data Science Graduate Program

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