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No. 01 ARTHUR C. CLARKE A Meeting with Medusa (cover by Vincent DiFate; c. 1971) and KIM STANLEY ROBINSON Green Mars (cover by Vincent DiFate; c. 1985; listed as "first time in mass market!")

A Meeting With Medusa was a Nebula Award winning story. Published October 1988.

No. 02 GREG BEAR Hardfought (cover by Tony Roberts; c. 1983) and TIMOTHY ZAHN Cascade Point (cover by Tim White; c. 1983)

Hardfought was a Nebula Award winning story whilst Cascade Point was a Hugo Award winner. Published November 1988.

No. 03 ROBERT SILVERBERG Born With the Dead ( cover by Ron Walotsky; c. 1974) and BRIAN W. ALDISS The Saliva Tree (cover by Ron Walotsky; c. 1968)

Born with the Dead and The Saliva Tree were both Nebula Award winning stories. Published December 1988.

No. 04 JOHN VARLEY Tango Charlie and Foxtrot Romeo (cover by David Lee Anderson; c. 1986) and SAMUEL R. DELANY The Star Pit (cover by Tony Roberts; c. 1966)

Published January 1989.

No. 05 POUL ANDERSON No Truce with Kings (cover by Luis Royo; c. 1963) and FRITZ LEIBER Ship of Shadows (cover by Robin Wood; c. 1969)

No Truce With Kings and Ship of Shadows were both Hugo Award winning stories. Published February 1989.

No. 06 BARRY LONGYEAR Enemy Mine (cover by Maren; c. 1979) and JOHN KESSEL Another Orphan (cover by Tom Kidd; c. 1982)

Published March 1989.

No. 07 McINTYRE Screwtop (cover by Maren; c. 1976) and JAMES TIPTREE JR, (aka ALICE SHELDON) The Girl Who Was Plugged In (cover by Peter Gudynas; c. 1973)

The Girl Who Was Plugged In was a Hugo Award winner. Published April 1989.

No. 08 LEIGH BRACKETT The Nemesis from Terra (cover by Tony Roberts; c. 1961) and EDMOND HAMILTON Battle for the Stars (cover by Bryn Barnard; c. 1961)

Published May 1989.

No. 09 ISAAC ASIMOV The Ugly Little Boy (cover by Alan Gutierrez; c. 1958) and THEODORE STURGEON The [Widget], the [Wadget], and Boff (cover by Carol Russo; c. 1955)

Published June 1989.

No. 10 ROBERT SILVERBERG Sailing to Byzantium (cover by Brian Waugh; c. 1985) and GENE WOLFE Seven American Nights (cover by Brian Waugh; c. 1978)

Sailing to Byzantium was a Nebula and Hugo Award winner. Published July 1989.

No. 11 JAMES TIPTREE JR. (aka ALICE SHELDON) Houston, Houston, Do You Read? (cover by Ron Walotsky; c.1976) and JOANNA RUSS Souls (cover by Dieter Rottermund; c.1982)

Houston, Houston, Do You Read? was a Nebula and Hugo Award winner, whilst Souls was a Hugo Award winner. Published August 1989.

No. 12 ROGER ZELAZNY He Who Shapes (cover by Wayne Barlowe; c. 1965) and KATE WILHELM The Infinity Box ( cover by Luis Royo; c. 1971)

He Who Shapes was a Nebula Award winner. Published September 1989.

No. KIM STANLEY ROBINSON The Blind Geometer (cover by Peter Gudynas; c. 1987; 1989) and URSULA K. LeGUIN The New Atlantis (cover by Michael Bohme; c. 1975; 1989)

The Blind Geometer was a Nebula Award winner. Published October 1989.

No. 14 POUL ANDERSON The Saturn Game (cover is a NASA image; c. 1981) with GREGORY BENFORD and PAUL A. CARTER Iceborn (cover by Mark Maxwell; c. 1989)

The Saturn Game was a Nebula and Hugo Award winner. An earlier version of Iceborn was published under the title "Prosperpina's Daughter" in Synergy (1989). Published November 1989.

No. 15 JACK VANCE The Last Castle (cover by Brian Waugh; c. 1966; 1989) and ROBERT SILVERBERG Nightwings ( cover by Mark J. Ferrari; 1989; 1st TOR printing)

The Last Castle was a Nebula and Hugo Award winner. Copyright was renewed by Vance for this edition, but there is no indication of any revisions. Nightwings is a first publication anywhere. Published December 1989.

No. 16 JAMES TIPTREE JR. The Color of Neanderthal Eyes (cover by Dave Archer; listed as "first publication in book form") and BISHOP And Strange at Ecbatan the Trees (cover by Brian Waugh).

Published January 1990.

No. 17 L. SPRAGUE DeCAMP Divide and Rule (cover by A. C. Farley) and LEIGH BRACKETT The Sword of Rhiannon (cover by N. C. Blanchard)

Published January 1990.

No. 18 ROBERT SILVERBERG In Another Country (c. 1989) and C. L. MOORE Vintage Season (c. 1946)

In Another Country is the sequel to Vintage Season. Introduction by Robert Silverberg for this volume. Published February 1990. Cover by Wayne Barlowe. All of the lettering and the artwork is 'raised' on the cover.

This volume also starts a new trend for the TOR Doubles series. TOR partners a classic novella with an entirely new companion piece or sequel especially written for this series. These volumes will have only a single cover, much like the later ACE Doubles (five digit letter-number series). They maintain the dos-a-dos covers for the other TOR Doubles that were continued to be published.

No. 19 FRITZ LEIBER Ill Met in Lankhmar (cover by Sam Rakeland; c.1969; 1970; March 1990) and DeLINT The Fair in Emain Macha (cover by Mel Grant; c.1985; March 1990; 1st thus)

Published March 1990.

No. 20 L. SPRAGUE DeCAMP The Wheels of If and HARRY TURTLEDOVE The Pugnacious Peacemaker

The Pugnacious Peacemaker is the sequel to De Camp's The Wheels of If and original to this edition. Published April 1990. Cover by Joe Burleson.

No. 21 SAMUEL R. DELANY Home Is the Hangman and ROGER ZELAZNY We, in Some Strange Power's Employ, Move on a Rigorous Line

Published May 1990.

No. 22 KAREN HABER Thieves' Carnival (c. 1990) and LEIGH BRACKETT The Jewel of Bas (c. 1944)

Thieve's Carnival is the prequel to The Jewels of Bas. Published June 1990. Cover by Luis F. Perez. Back cover image.

No. 23 NORMAN SPINRAD Riding the Torch (cover by Ron Walotsky) and JOAN VINGE Tin Soldier (cover by de Naharro)

Published July 1990.

No. 24 WALTER JON WILLIAMS Elegy for Angels and Dogs (c. 1990) and ROGER ZELAZNY The Graveyard Heart (c. 1964)

Elegy for Angels and Dogs is the sequel to The Graveyard Heart. Published August 1990. Cover by Bob Eggleton.

No. 25 FORD Fugue State and GENE WOLFE The Death of Doctor Island

Published September 1990.

No. 26 JOHN VARLEY PRESS ENTER (c. 1984; cover by Peter Gudynas) and ROBERT SILVERBERG Hawksbill Station (c. 1967; cover by Jim Warren)

PRESS ENTER was a Nebula and Hugo Award winner. Published October 1990.

No. 27 ORSON SCOTT CARD Eye For An Eye (c. 1987) and LLOYD BIGGLE, Jr. The Tunesmith (c. 1957; 1985)

Eye For An Eye is listed as "first publication in book form." Orson Scott Card wrote a new introduction for the The Tunesmith. Split cover artwork. Published November 1990. Cover by Mark Ferrari.

No. 28 KIM STANLEY ROBINSON A Short, Sharp Shock (c. December 1990) and JACK VANCE The Dragon Masters (c. 1962; 1990)

Split cover artwork. The Dragon Masters is a Hugo Award winning story originally published as an ACE Double. Published December 1990. Cover by Brad Teare.

No. 29 IAN WATSON Nanoware Time and JOHN VARLEY (c. 1978) The Persistence of Vision (c. 1978)

The Persistence of Vision was a Nebula and Hugo Award winner. Nanoware Time is listed as "first book publication". Published January 1991. Cover by Ron Walotsky.

Note that the single cover does not indicate that this is one of the special TOR volumes. It just appears that they failed to use the dos-a-dos format. In addition, the copyright page has this listed as TOR no. 30 rather than TOR no. 29.

No. 30 POUL ANDERSON The Longest Voyage (c. 1960) and STEVEN POPKES Slow Lightning

The Longest Voyage is a Hugo Award winning story. Published February 1991. Cover by Wayne Barlowe.

Note that this volume does not have the TOR numbering series (i.e. 30). See comment on TOR no. 29.

No. 31 GORDON R. DICKSON Naked to the Stars (c. 1961) and GORDON R. DICKSON The Alien Way (c. 1965)

Published April 1991. Cover by Brian Waugh.

No. 32 HARLAN ELLISON Run for the Stars (c. 1957; 1985) and JACK DANN & JACK C. HALDEMAN II Echoes of Thunder

Listed as "first paperback publication" - primarily for the Dann and Haldeman story. Published April 1991. Cover by Barclay Shaw.

No. 33 DAMON KNIGHT Rule Golden (c. 1954; 1982) and DAMON KNIGHT Double Meaning (c. 1953; 1965; 1981; 1990)

Published May 1991. Cover by Wayne Barlowe.


Listed as "first paperback publication." Published June 1991. Cover by Barclay Shaw.

No. 35 DEAN ING Silent Thunder and ROBERT A. HEINLEIN Universe (c.1941; 1951)

The copyright page of this volume has it incorrectly assigned as TOR #31. Published July 1991. Cover by Joe DeVito.

No. 36 FRITZ LEIBER Conjure Wife and FRITZ LEIBER Our Lady of Darkness (c. 1978)

Our Lady of Darkness was the winner of the World Fantasy Award. Published August 1991. Cover by Wayne Barlowe.

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