ACE Science Fiction S-Series Singles

S-066 L. RON HUBBARD Return to Tomorrow (cover by Ed Valigursky; nd; listed as "An ACE Original" and "Never Before Published")

S-066 (back cover)

S-090 ROBERT MOORE WILLIAMS The Chaos Fighters (cover by Robert E. Schulz; 1955; 1st ACE printing and PBO)

The Chaos Fighters is Robert Moore Williams first book.

S-133 DONALD A. WOLLHEIM (ed.) Adventures on Other Planets (cover by Ed Valigursky; nd; 1st ACE printing)

Contains five (5) short stories. On Venus: THE OBLIGATION by Roger Dee; On Mars: THE SOUND OF BUGLES by Robert Moore Williams; On a Planet of Sigma Draconis: OGRE by Clifford D. Simak; On a world in the "Bornik" Star Cluster: ASSIGNMENT ON PASIK by Murray Leinster; and On Laertes III, near Andromeda: THE RULL by A. E. van Vogt. This is the original printing. There was a reprint, ACE D-490, same cover without the blue border.

S-183 DONALD A. WOLLHEIM (ed.) The End of the World (1st thus)

Contains six (6) short stories predicting the end of the world by Philip K. Dick, Heinlein, Alfred Coppel, A. C. Clarke, Amelia Reynolds Long, and Edmond Hamilton.


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