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The Gryphon Doubles have a numbering scheme on the front cover based upon their publication history from Gryphon Books. Several of them are now in 2nd printings, but I am going to list them in publication order in addition to author and title and provide the publication date (and append the ISBN number for completeness) where appropriate.

#1. JACK DOLPHIN The Vig bound with TED FITZGERALD Wild Card, Cover art by Ron Wilber. January 1991 (0-936071-20-6).

#2. WAYNE D. DUNDEE Black Lake bound with JESSE SUBLETT Teflon Babe (cover art by Bruce Timm; 1992)

Two contemporary hardboiled classic private eye short novels featuring Jesse Sublett's Clapton and Wayne Dundee's Joe Hannibal. Now in 2nd printing.

#3. GARY LOVIS Sherlock Holmes in: The Loss of the British Bark Sophy Anderson bound with P. SMITH Sherlock Holmes in: The Grey Nun Legacy (two original Holmes pastiche short novels; cover art by Frank Hamilton; 1992)

#4. MICHAEL AVALLONE Open Season on Cops bound with The Arabella Nude (Ed Noon private eye stories). Cover art by Frank Hamilton.

#5. RICHARD S. PRATHER Hot Rock Rumble bound with DoubleTake (Shell Scott private eye short novels). Cover art by Bruce Timm.

#6. JESSE SUBLETT I Love My Gun bound with PETER ZAGARE Blue Movie Murder (cover art by Bob Dvorak; nd)

Two original private eye stories featuring Sublett's Clapton in a hardboiled story taking place in modern Los Angeles and Zagare's, private detective Carmady taking place in 1940's Los Angeles.

#7. RICHARD A. LUPOFF The Digital Wristwatch of Philip K. Dick bound with Hyperprism (cover art by Allen Koszowski; November 1993)

The first appearance of this scarce P. K. Dick short novel in 20 years!

#8. JAMES REASONER Terran Girls Make Wonderful Wives bound with GARY LOVISI Minesweepers. (cover art by Ray Garcia Capella; October 1995)

Terran Girls Make Wonderful Wives is a hardboiled science fition private eye tale whereas Minesweeper is a nano-tech super science pulp story of America torn asunder by the war of the super-warriors.

#9. MICHAEL A. BLACK Doc Atlas: Arctic Terror! bound with GARY LOVISI The Nemesis: Claws of the Falcon. (cover art by Tim Faurote; September 1994)

Chapbook anthology of two original and two reprint pulp adventure short stories featuring heroes from the classic pulps, The Nemesis (three stories) and Doc Atlas. Doc Atlas is Mike Black's version of Doc Savage while The Nemesis is Gary Lovisi's version of The Spider or The Shadow.

#10. HAROLD Q. MASUR (1909-2005) Dig My Grave (c.1953) bound with Shroud Me Not (cover art by Bob Dvorak; c.1949; 1996)

Dig My Grave is a Scott Jordan crime story (Private Eye, July 1953) and Shroud Me Not is a Harvey St. John mystery (Ten Detective Aces, July 1949).

#11. WAYNE D. DUNDEE Moneybags bound with JEROME SHAW Bride of Ndonga (cover art by Ray Garcia Capella; 1996)

Moneybags is an original Joe Hannibal hardboiled private eye short novel and Bride of Ndonga is an original short novel about a model meeting murder in wildest Africa.

#12. JESSE SUBLETT The Kill Spot bound with CHAD BYERS Jazz Man (cover art by Alfred Klosterman; nd)

The Kill Spot is an original Clapton private eye story and Jazz Man is a tough crime and jazz short novel.

#13. WILLIAM F. NOLAN Pulpcon Kill bound with Pop-Op Caper (cover art by Dan Norby; nd)

These two stories feature the private eye Brother Challas set in Los Angles novels and include an introduction by William F. Nolan.

#14. MEL WALDMAN Murder in Old Quebec bound with BARRY HOFFMAN Coin Toss (cover art by Bob Dvorak; 1994; PBO)

Murder In Old Quebec is a Jack Hood private eye novella.

#15. HOWARD BROWNE Carbon-Copy Killer bound with Twelve Times Zero (cover art by Alfred Klosterman; March 1997; PBO)

Two science fiction - crime short novels.

#16. GARY LOVISI The Mission bound with JESSE SUBLETT Deader Than Hell (cover art by Bob Dvorak; nd)

The Mission is an original crime novella featuring Joe Dillon ( and Vic Powers) in a story about how religion is used by evil people. Deader Than Hell is an original Clapton private eye novella.

#17. JACK WILLIAMSON The Girl From Mars (c.1929) bound with The Prince of Space (cover art by Alfred Klosterman; June 1998)

Two classic Williamson sf noevllas from the pulps. The Girl From Mars reprints the rare Gernsback publication from 1929 in facsimile form.

#18. JACK WILLIAMSON Iron God bound with E. C. Tubb Tomorrow (cover art by Alfred Klosterman; 1998; PBO).

#19. MICHAEL A. BLACK Doc Atlas: The Satan Plague bound with GARY LOVISI The Nemesis: Satan Plague II. (cover art by Tim Faurote; October 1998)

The Satan Plague feature Doc Atlas by Black a Doc Savage 1950s neo-pulp hero while TSP II features the Nemesis, a 1950s Spider/Shadow neo-pulp hero crime fighter who continues the story into the 1990s. This appears to have been an experiment where each book segues into the next; each sequels or prequels the other.

#20. WAYNE D. DUNDEE Tuck Tip bound with DEREK MUK Three Parts (cover art by Alfred Klosterman; 1999)

Tuck Tip is a Joe Hannibal Private eye crime novella while Three Parts is a 3-part cop crime novella.

#21. O'NEIL de NOUX Hollow Point bound with The Mystery of Rochelle Marai. (cover art by Alfred Klosterman; PBO)

This is a New Orleans Double where Hollow Point is a Det. LaStanza crime story set in New Orleans today and The Mystery of Rochelle Marais is a tale of mystery and murder in 1891 New Orleans when Det. Duga investigates the untimely murder of a beautiful woman.

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