The N-series is a bit difficult to classify. There is one N-series Science Fiction volume (Frank Herbert's Dune) but the majority range from biographic pieces (Edgar Rice Burroughs) to science fact essays by Isaac Asimov. Thus, several of these have been placed in other genre pages for completeness.

Do any of the ACE IMAGE LIBRARY users have any information on the publication history of this series? Let me know. Thank you.

N-1 anonymous Retrospect 1964 - U.P.I. Photographic Review of 1963 (1964; 1st ACE printing; photo cover)

Summaries and captions from special U.P.I dispatches (from the cover).

N-2 anonymous Retrospect 1965 - U.P.I. Pictorial History of 1964 (1965; 1st ACE printing; photo cover)

The Retrospective volumes contain more than 1,000 pictures (from United Press International photographic files) to provide a photographic montage of the events and personalities in the year evaluated. Note that these are also listed on the ACE logo as "Special."

N-3 FRANK HERBERT Dune (cover by John Schoenherr; 1966; listed as "complete & unabridged")

Original cover art by John Schoenherr for Dune. Gouache and watercolor on board. 15.25" x 11." Not signed.

Dune won both the won the first Nebula Award and shared the Hugo Award for "Best Science Fiction Novel of the Year."

N-4 ISAAC ASIMOV Is Anyone There? (interior illustration by Jack Gaughan; 1966; 1st ACE printing)

A series of speculative essays written for the general public on "Time Travel," "The Future," Flying Saucers," "L.S.D./Life on Other Worlds," and others. Since these are both related to science fiction as well as other topics, I have included this listing in the ACE SF Singles (N letter-number) section.

N-5 WILLIAM R. CORSON The Betrayal (1968; 1st ACE printing; non-fiction)

Vietnam War and the conflict in Southeast Asia.

N-6 RICHARD A. LUPOFF Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master of Adventure (cover by Frank Frazetta; 1966; nd; 2nd ACE printing; biography)

RICHARD A. LUPOFF (b. 1935) won the Hugo for his magazine 'Xero' in 1963 as the "Best Amateur Publication of the Year." This volume is an ERB biography that focuses upon the characters, stories, and venues of his writings.

Illustrated.  Cover art by Frank Frazetta.  In addition, there are 12 interior pieces of art. Six by Frazetta, two by Reed Crandall and four by Al Williamson with Reed Crandall.

As it is biographical material I have also included this in the ACE SF Singles (N letter-number) section.

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