The A letter-number series of ACE paperbacks were published from 1967 to 1968 and priced at 75. There are 30 numbers in this series. However, there is one oddball volume - ACE number A-130 is actually part of the K letter-number series and bears the A prefix because it was priced at 75. The Science Fiction genre A letter-number series are located on the A-SINGLES SF page.

A-001 BRIGITTE VON TESSIN The Shame and The Glory (1966; historical fiction)

Original cover art for The Shame and The Glory. Acrylic on board.  15" x 20." Close up of figures.  Publisher notes and ACE letter-number on verso.  No signature.

A-002 MORRIS PLOSCOWE Sex and the Law (c.1951; 1962; 1st ACE printing; ACE Star edition; non-fiction)

Listed as "newly revised & enlarged."

A-007 ANONYMOUS (ed.) World's Best Contemporary Short Stories (1966; 1st ACE printing and PBO)

A-011 HAROLD T. WILKINS Flying Saucers On The Attack (c.1954; revised 1967; ACE Star edition)

U.F.O.'s and alien contact.  Originally published in hard cover by Citadel Press (New York; 1954).

A-014 DOROTHY EDEN Yellow Is For Fear and Other Stories (cover by Lou Marchetti; 1968; ACE Star edition; 1st ACE printing)

A-014 (back cover)

A-018 FREDERICK E. SMITH A Killing For the Hawks (cover by Ed Valigursky; 1968; listed as "complete and unabridged")

A-020 DOROTHY MALONE Cookbook For Beginners (1968; cookbook)

A-021 CORINNE GRIFFITH Eggs I have Known (And Other Foods) (c.1955; 1968; photo cover; ACE Star Cookbook)

Eggs I Have Known was originally published by Farrar, Straus & Cudhay in hardback (1955).

A-022 JEAN and CLARKE MATTIMORE Cooking By The Clock (c.1948; 1968; cookbook)

Cooking By The Clock had the subtitle of "Step By Step Preparation of Meals" in its 1948 Farrar, Straus & Co., hardcover edition.

A-023 ALBERTO MORAVIA The Wayward Wife* (c.1960; 1968; ACE Star edition; B/W nude photo cover)

A-023 (back cover)

The Wayward Wife had a subtitle of "and Other Stories" in the 1960 edition. This edition has an asterisk after the title with a note at the bottom *And other stories, by "one of the most skilled of Italy's literary craftsman."

Contains stories published previously in Esquire, Nugget, Partisan Review and Playboy. Crime at the Tennis Club (1927), End of a Relationship (1933), The Wayward Wife (1937), A Bad Winter (1940), Home is a Sacred Place (1942), Contact with the Working Class (1944), The Woman from Mexico (1948), and The Negro and the Old Man with the Bill-hook (1948).

A-024 WILLIAM A. BISHOP (Lt. Col.) Winged Warfare (1968)

Accounts of the Canadian Ace with 72 kills in the European airwar during WWI

A-025 EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS The Outlaw of Torn (cover and title page illustration by Roy Krenkel Jr.; c.1914; November 1968; 1st ACE printing; listed as "complete and unabridged")

This is more a "sword and chivalry" novel than anything else - my rationale for placing it in the ACE POTPOURRI section.

A-026 PETER J. STEINCROHN How To Get A Good Night's Sleep (c.1968; self-help)

Peter Joseph Steincrohn is an M.D and author of a number of medical self-help volumes.

A-027 JIM HARMON The Great Radio Heroes (c.1976; 1968; history)

The Great Radio Heroes was originally published by Doubleday & Co., in hardcover (1967).

A-028 STANLEY M. ULANOFF (ed.) Ace of Aces - Capt. Rene Fonck (cover by Ed Valigursky; 1968; history)

A-028 (back cover)

One of the ACE "Air Combat Classics" editions.

A-130 ROBERT B. DOUGLAS (translator) The Hundred Stories (original title: Les Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles; nd; ACE Star edition)

A-130 (back cover) and (spine)

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