Jammie Price’s Home Page

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Applied Sociology Internship and Practicum Coordinator

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice

601 South College Road, Wilmington NC 28403-3297

Phone: 910-962-3590

Fax: 910-962-7385

Email: pricej@uncwil.edu

Created: January 3, 2000

Last Update: January 20, 2000



Ph.D. Sociology, North Carolina State University, 1996.

M.A. Sociology, East Carolina University, 1990.

B.A. American Studies, Catholic University, 1988.

A.A. American Studies, Anne Arundel Community College, 1986.




Applied Sociology Program

·         What is Sociology?

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·         Memorandum of Understanding for a Practicum in Applied Sociology

·         Memorandum of Understanding for an Internship in Applied Sociology

·         Internship and Practicum Opportunities


Sociological Organizations

·         North Carolina Sociological Association

·         Society for Applied Sociology

·         American Sociological Association


UNCW Sociology Club

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